Peloton Instructor Matt Wilpers And Jessica Li Finally Go From Engaged To Married!

Peloton Instructor Matt Wilpers And Jessica Li Finally Go From Engaged To Married!
Peloton Instructor Matt Wilpers Reveals He Is Engaged

According to Peleton news outlet Pelo Buddy, one of the most popular Peloton instructors, Matt Wilpers, married the love of his life, Jessica Li, in a beautiful beachside wedding in Nicaragua on February 3, 2023. 

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It was a heartwarming scene because close friends and loved ones surrounded them. It became even more special because it was where Matt Wilpers proposed to Jessica Li last May 2022.

“Out of office,” Matt Wilpers captions his Instagram post as it features the happy couple sharing a kiss with the Peloton instructor looking dashing in his blue suit. At the same time, his bride wears a dazzling strapless bejeweled mermaid gown accessorized with pearly framed heart sunglasses.

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Many positive and supportive comments from fans filled his post. All sharing the same hype and excitement the Peloton Instructor has on one of the most significant milestones of his life: his journey of becoming a married man.

Much love was also shown by the tight-knit Peloton community, who never failed to be there for their friend. Multiple members were there to help celebrate their fellow Peleton Instructor Matt Wilpers getting married. 

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Matt Wilpers’ Peleton co-workers filmed and photographed many highlights of the event, such as Alex Toussaint filming the groom as he gets a groove on, having the time of his life showing off his dance moves after the reception. Still, the photos he posted had fans in awe as they saw how beautiful the wedding venue in Nicaragua truly is.

Happily ever after comes when the former CPA and Peloton instructor, Matt Wilpers, enjoys his married life as he lives in New York with the love of his life. The former athlete inspires individuals looking for their calling in fitness as he continues his Peloton instructing career, helping people become fitter versions of themselves.

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