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Get To Know Sarah Levy’s Husband, Graham Outerbridge

Actress Sarah Levy and her husband, Graham Outerbridge, became parents for the first time after having their son, James Eugene Outerbridge. Sarah announced the news via Instagram on July 5, 2022. With that news, fans have also become more curious about her husband. So, here’s what we know about him. 

Sarah tied the knot to Graham Outerbridge in October 2021. The two have been together since 2018 but remained very private about their relationship. Sarah’s brother, Dan Levy, was the first to share the wedding news on his Instagram.

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Although the exact circumstances of Sarah Levy and Graham Outerbrigde’s meeting remain unknown, they have been dating since the producer posted a picture of them on Instagram on a trip to Bermuda. 

Ever since marrying in 2021, Sarah Levy and her husband have seldom been seen in public appearances or photographed at social events. However, one of their most notable appearances was during the SAG Afterparty in January 2020. Sarah posted a funky video of her and Graham doing different poses with the caption, “After partying.” 

Getting to Know Graham Outerbridge

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Besides his television appearances on shows like Law & Order and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Graham is an actor and producer. He has also produced a few short films. Though he is known to be from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Graham was born in Hong Kong.

Another fun fact about Graham is that he is in law school. He is a legal student at Southwestern Legal School, with hopes to graduate in 2025, according to his biographies on social media. 

Though Graham’s hobbies are unknown, he is said to be very supportive of Sarah and everything she does, so people assume he shares her love for traveling and singing. He is also known to constantly post messages for his wife on social media and fanboy over Sarah’s work.

Sarah regularly boasts about her man and returns Graham’s social media frenzy. Sarah posted a cute photo of her little family on Graham’s birthday and wrote, “And happiest birthday to my sweet @instagraham_sto, you make life so lovely.”

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Many are in awe of Sarah and Graham’s relationship and how they maintained privacy despite being public figures. Although fans are incredibly curious about their lives, it’s good to see that they continue to respect the couple’s decision to withhold a great deal of information about their private lives.

Sarah Levy and her husband, Graham Outerbrigde, show how relationships can last in Hollywood. They show us that even how chaotic the industry is, you still have the choice to keep some part of you away from the public eye and still connect with the people who support you. Though we still want to know more about them, we are content knowing that Sarah has a perfect husband and they are living a happy life together. 

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