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California Tesla Cliff Accident Ruled Out as Attempted Murder!

The driver of the Tesla who fell off the cliff in an alleged accident might be getting jailed for attempted murder. Dr. Dharmesh Arvind Patel faced three charges of attempted murder concerning the accident that claimed his wife’s and two children’s lives.

According to the warrant, Dharmesh Patel claimed he stopped off the road to inspect a potential flat tire. His account is not supported by witness testimony. 

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The doctor drove his white 2021 Tesla Model Y south of San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway. The family had to be cut free from the rubble by firefighters. Miraculously, everyone in the family survived.

Dharmesh Patel’s wife, Neha Patel, made a revelation that might turn this Tesla cliff crash into something more than just an accident. The wife told the paramedic who responded to the scene that his husband had driven off the road on purpose. The paramedic also noted how Neha repeated the statement multiple times, indicating that her account was valid.

Other paramedics also stated Dharmesh Patel’s wife was extremely worried about their children and told the responders that her husband was trying to kill them all. Though it might be hard to believe, the doctor’s wife added more reasons to support her statements.

She said that her husband is depressed. Being a doctor and surrounded by stress each day, she claimed that Dharmesh Patel is on the verge of giving up due to anxiety and depression. 

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That is why he drove off the Tesla on the cliff, making it look like it was an accident, but in truth, it was not. In addition to the attempted murder charges, he also faces charges of domestic violence, significant bodily injury, and severe felony. 

It was also revealed that the doctor has a previous history of domestic violence besides the one he is currently facing. Just like that, Dharmesh Patel is proven to be not the perfect husband everyone thought he was.

The stories might be hard to believe, but one’s mental issues are not something you should shrug off. These issues are taking a lot of toll on someone, which might result in reckless behaviors and cause harm not just to those suffering mental health issues but to the people around them as well. The stories might also sound like a concrete reason for the doctor to crash his Tesla together with his family for suicide.

Despite Neha Patel’s claims, Dharmesh Patel denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty during the trial. He still stuck with his first statement about inspecting the tires and nothing else. 

Dharmesh Patel also claimed that Neha Patel was irritated before the crash because she refused to stop at his brother’s house in San Mateo County. It might be the doctor’s attempt to divert the blame to his wife, making it look like they fought before the deadly fall.

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However, as the California Highway Patrol started talking to witnesses, the doctor’s alibi was getting slimmer chances to be true. With all the statements from the people near the accident and the evidence collected, the Highway Patrol had identified probable cause to believe the accident was intentional.

Though the trial is ongoing, many believe the doctor might face jail time because of this Tesla crash incident. There is also no telling if he can return to his healthcare job because of this tarnishing act.

The California Tesla cliff accident is shocking proof that mental health problems should be taken seriously. The family is said to have been recovering well from the crash, and we hope the wife and her children will get the justice they deserve.

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