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The Story Behind the Horrific Discovery of the Remains of Alexis Gabe

No one could have expected the brutal way she met her end. If you’re an avid watcher of true crime, you would realize that cases happen unexpectedly. The same goes for Alexis Gabe as we uncover the mystery of her missing case, the eventual discovery of her remains, and the investigation of her death.

Alexis Gabe Goes Missing

A Filipino-American woman named Alexis Gabe went missing on January 2022 in Oakley, California, where she was residing at the time. The mystery of Alexis’ whereabouts was untrackable due to the lack of evidence.

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That was the case until new surveillance footage was released, which ultimately showed Alexis leaving the Antioch home with her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones. With Marshall being the last person Alexis was seen with, he would become the main suspect of the missing victim.

Marshall did not waste any time, as a couple of days after the victim’s disappearance; he moved to Washington as he claimed to have family living there. 

The Investigation Of The Missing Victim

Six months would be put into this investigation, with Alexis’ family and the police eager to find the missing woman. They did so with a slight hope that she would be alive at the very least. Although, things went to turn for the worst when the authorities found a note that would ultimately eliminate all hope for the victim to be safe or even alive.

Hand-written instructions were found after executing a search warrant at the home of Jones’ sister, a cryptic note written allegedly by Marshall Jones. The note consisted of specific directions with detailed time estimates that led to the investigation on a rural road in the foothills of the Sierra. That was enough to trigger an arrest attempt for the main suspect.

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The arrest attempt took a turn for the worst. As the police officers stated their identification, Marshall lunged at them with a knife. As a result, the officers on the scene acted in self-defense as he was shot to death. The police claimed that the reaction was enough to determine that Marshall was responsible for her disappearance.

After his sudden death, a friend of Marshall’s came to the police to reveal the chilling motives towards Alexis. He claims they had shared such information through a phone call two weeks before she had gone missing. Marshall ended up telling his friend he wanted to kill Alexis and that he would like to know the best place to hide a body, that friend of his thought the suspect was joking, but of course, that was only foreshadowing of what had become.

Alexis Gabe Is Found

Soon enough, a volunteer found Alexis’ phone case during the search. But unfortunately, when the OPD obtained a search warrant to drain 8-million-gallon pond water, they found nothing. With the suspect already coming to light and proving that she was indeed murdered, where are Alexis Gabe’s remains?

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The case would reach a breakthrough when a Plymouth, California resident found Alexis’ remains. The Oakley Police Department soon announced the discovery of bones belonging to Alexis Gabe. Dental records confirmed the identity belonging to the missing woman. Although this revelation has brought closure to Alexis’ family and friends, seeing how they suffered a significant loss, unsure how they would find peace after all this. 

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