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The Surprising Reason Why Girls Like The Dad Bod

Based on recent surveys, more than half of the female population today consider the dad bod as the definition of “sexy.” So, why do women like dad bods, and what is considered an attractive dad bod in the first place? 

If these are some of the questions bothering your mind right now, below are most of the things you’d want to know about why women find the dad bod attractive. 

Wait a Minute. What Exactly is the Dad Bod? 

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Many consider the “dad bod” the middle ground of men’s body styles. It’s not fat or muscled up, not cut but not flabby. One could say it’s a body that is relatively in good shape, having a bit of softness from a few harmless extra pounds it carries.

To have an easier time understanding why most girls like the dad bod, we can think about a previous college jock who now works as a business executive. While he only hits the gym sometimes because of his busy schedule, he’s still self-confident and not worried about getting a few extra pounds. 

What Did the Survey Say About It? 

Planet Fitness conducted the survey, asking women about the dad bod and if they found it attractive. Seven out of ten women said they do. 

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In a shocking revelation, many of these women said that not only do they find such physique sexy, but they also consider it an indicator of a man’s happiness and confidence. 

The Reasons Why Women Find It Attractive 

Here are a few things women found appealing regarding men with dad bods: 

Confident, Happy, and Capable  

A dad bod is a sign of a man capable of meeting the ever-changing demands of adult life. It also shows that he can balance his schedule well enough to fit in a quick workout while powering through his afternoon tasks. 

Above all else, he is happy and confident enough with himself that he doesn’t mind the few extra pounds. 

Family First 

Women believe a dad bod signifies a man willing to put family before his physique. It means he will value spending more time with his family than lifting weights with friends in the gym. 

Familiar and Real 

For the most part, girls find dad bods attractive because they’re real. It’s a physique that isn’t a result of performance-enhancing supplements, crazy diets, and long hours in the gym. It’s a body that results from a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a few birthday cakes and tasty burgers from time to time. 

Dad Bod VS Muscle Bod 

A typical muscle bod is about 15% body fat or less. On the other hand, a typical dad bod would be 20-30% body fat. It’s softer and doesn’t have that intimidating “Look at me and get to the Choppa” vibe.

Is the Dad Bod Here to Stay? 

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If you are wondering if the dad bod is here to stay, the answer is yes. It has been here for decades, long before the social media craze for it started. Our dads, their friends, and those that came before them have been rocking the look for ages. 

Quotes From Women That Like the Dad Bod 

Here are a few quotes from women that love the dad bods:

It isn’t something I initially look for in a guy, but it certainly isn’t a deterrent for me.” – Anya S.

I don’t mind it. I care more about personality anyway. So if you’re not a super-buff guy, it means you have other interests besides yourself and working out, and I like that more.” – Brenda N. 

Super-ripped guys intimidate me. I like men who are somewhere between a beer belly and washboard abs, so yeah, dad bod.” – Sheena D. 

Should I Go for the Dad Bod? 

It’s up to you if you want a dad bod. It’s about the effort you want to invest. You can even go for a muscular dad bod if you’re willing. The important thing is that you’re comfortable with your physique. 

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