Samantha Mason Now: Her Incredible Journey to Weight Loss

Samantha Mason Now: Her Incredible Journey to Weight Loss
My 600 Lb. Life Where is Samantha Mason Now

Where is Samantha Mason now? Many viewers of the show have been wondering how the reality star is doing after her stint on TLC’s 600-Lb Life Season 9, which aired from December 30, 2020, to March 2021. 

Right off the pilot episode, Samantha piqued viewers’ interest and has become quite a hot topic on social media. That is, during the initial weigh-in with bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, more popularly known as Dr. Now, Samantha tipped over 800 pounds and was close to losing her life. She was met with brute savage comments online, criticizing not only her weight but also her lifestyle, which had been a key factor in her excessive weight gain.

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Samantha had an unconventional career: fetish modeling. She explained that finding a job was already out of the question because of her size, so she went to a website catered to larger women like her. She had an area set up in her apartment where she would film herself eating for people. It was how she made money to keep going, and more importantly, the job made her feel appreciated. 

But unlike what people might think, signing up for the show didn’t end up doing any good for her. 

Where is Samantha Mason now?

Samantha Mason revealed in a TikTok video last October 2020 that she actually weighed close to 950 pounds at the start of the year. She underwent major abdominal surgery and woke up with a 6-feet long incision, 80 pounds of dead tissue removed, and 114 pounds lighter. And since May 2020, she has lost a total of 320 pounds. Samantha also entered rehab to take advantage of everything she possibly could while in recovery to try and heal herself. Now, she has taken coloring books as a new hobby and a creative outlet that helps her live a better and healthier lifestyle. 

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As for her experience in 600-Lb Life, Samantha said it was only a hindrance to her healing. She accused the show’s creators of maltreatment and disingenuous motives and critically called it out as an exploitative show that ridicules fat people on national TV. In fact, she also claimed that her supposedly candid conversations with Dr. Now were scripted. She joined out of desperation and fear for her life, but she ended up experiencing worse in the show. 

In a Facebook status shared on Reddit, Samantha said, 

“Someday I’ll write an expose about what the show put me through, but until then, take what you may see with a grain of salt. I am 400lbs down and will NEVER watch ‘reality’ the same again. It was a learning experience all around.”

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Despite everything, she survived. Samantha Mason now is very grateful to have her surgeon’s helping hands and support. For updates and story times from Samantha, you can check her TikTok here

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