10 Swoon-Worthy Beth and Rip Moments in Yellowstone

10 Swoon-Worthy Beth and Rip Moments in Yellowstone
10 Swoon-Worthy Beth & Rip Moments on Yellowstone

Not gonna lie, Beth and Rip moments in Yellowstone have been one of the most anticipated scenes in the series. They’re soft and swoony mixed with tough, gripping drama – like sugar and spice – that will get viewers to grow more invested in their relationship. And this is also why they have grown to become Yellowstone’s iconic couple. 

And so, here are 10 of their swoon-worthy moments in their relationship throughout the past seasons that have been quite in the background. 

1. “You look nervous, Rip.”

S01E01: “Daybreak”

When Rip and Beth first appeared together on the screen, there was obvious romantic tension between them. Rip was looking for John but found Beth instead, who was smoking in a bathrobe. Beth was quick to tease Rip, opening her robe and playfully asking him whether he wanted to walk away or get intimate with her. He chose the latter. Afterward, he invited her to a music festival, but she rejected him and told him that he knew better than to invite her to those things. 

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And despite the viewers not knowing their full history, playing along with their flirtation was easy. 

2. “This is almost like a music festival.”

S01E04: “The Long Black Train”

Beth and Rip enjoyed each other’s company, drinking at their local country bar. She later referenced Rip’s invite in the pilot and noted that it was almost like a music festival. The two then made their way from their seats to dance, holding each other closer as the band played. Aaaah, so this is love. (You sang that, didn’t you?)

3. “I was worried he’d love you more someday.”

S02E01: “A Thundering”

The series’s second season opened with an intimate scene between the lovers. 

In her uncharacteristic sweet self, Beth shared a moment with Rip looking back on their long history. She opened up about how she thought her father would come to love Rip more someday. To which Rip funnily replied, “was never in doubt.”

It was casual and subtle but knowing the journey these two had to go through; it was every bit swoon-worthy.

4. “I’m sorry I did that to you.”

S02E05: “Touching Your Enemy”

Rip and Beth’s relationship wasn’t all sugar and sunshine. In particular, Beth had been involved with Walker, a troublemaker whom Rip loathes. She felt guilty afterward and apologized over and over to Rip. But he wasn’t angry at all and even told Beth that she never had to apologize to him. 

If that isn’t unconditional love, we don’t know what is. 

5. “I’m off it being a crutch, but I’ll sip whiskey and stare at the stars with you, Rip.”

S02E07: “Resurrection Day”

There was just so much holding back in this rooftop scene despite feelings exploding. 

Beth had always been playful with her words; this time, she told Rip that she would sip whiskey and stare at the stars with him. It was an attempt to say “I love you” without saying “I love you.” Rip stared at her, and Beth knew he would say the three words. 

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She stopped it, telling him that it wouldn’t mean anything on a roof ‘like a bunch of f*cking hippies.’ But she told him to say those to her when it saves her. Later in the episode, fans finally heard Rip’s official confession of love after he rescued Beth from a brutal assassination attempt.

6. “Does it hurt?”

S02E08: “Behind Us Only Grey”

Saving Beth did not come without a price, as Rip took a bullet during the struggle. When he finally woke up, he told Beth that he wished her attackers returned to life so that he could kill them again. Beth asked if it hurt after he winced while dressing up, and he replied, “Like hell.” 

But we all know that that pain was something he could endure. And that was far less painful than losing Beth. 

7. “I think I’ll just watch you.”

S03E02: “Freight Trains and Monsters”

Beth woke up to the best sight in the world – her lover cooking her breakfast. And not just some breakfast – it was Rip’s mother’s specialty fried egg and bread. She started to eat but when she noticed Rip wasn’t eating, he just told her that he already ate. And then he smiled at her and told that he would just watch her. 

She felt embarrassed and went to cover her mouth as she chewed. But Rip lowered her hand down and insisted that she didn’t have to hide anything from him. 

This domestic moment between the two definitely screamed “SWOON!”

8. “First, we’re gonna dance.”

S03E02: “Freight Trains and Monsters”

Rip came in running with a gun as he thought he heard a wolf’s call on a near-empty ranch. Instead, he unexpectedly found Beth care-freely smiling and crying. She told him they could finally do what they wanted without anyone seeing them. And so, Rip took that as a cue and turned up the light and the music. They shared a slow dance in the f*cking dirt and then a passionate kiss. 

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It was nothing short of a glorious scene. 

9. “You can hold her damn hand, Rip.”

S03E03: “An Acceptable Surrender”

Rip was sitting next to Beth and John while at the rodeo, and as much as he wanted to hold Beth’s hand, he just couldn’t. John was there. But John nudged him just to hold his daughter’s hand, to which Beth said, “Thanks, daddy.”

This was probably the funniest out of their swoon moments. 

10. “Momma.”

S04E10: “Grass On The Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops”

Aside from the unexpected nuptials between Beth and Rip, another major moment here was the fact that the teenage orphan Carter was one of the few people in attendance. Beth met him earlier in the season and took the boy in with her and Rip. At first, Rip was skeptical but he grew to like the boy. And at some point, the couple felt that he just might be the son that they never thought they could have. 

Carter apparently felt the same and even called Beth “Momma.” But we all know Beth’s baggage. She wasn’t ready for it. 

Nevertheless, taking Carter in to their care was a defining moment in their relationship. And looking at them as a family (and as a mom and dad) was as swoon-worthy as any of their other moments. 

Hopefully, we get more of these Beth and Rip moments in the following seasons (though the impending doom and chaos is inching in closer than ever). But for now, let us indulge ourselves by rewatching Rip and Beth’s wedding in the Season 4 finale. 

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