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‘The Batman 2’ Writer Teases Fans With A Script Sneak Peek 

Last April, at CinemaCon 2022, Warner Bros. officially announced that there would be ‘The Batman 2’ with Robert Pattinson reprising his role as the Dark Knight. Film producer and screenwriter Matt Reeves will also return to direct the sequel. 

The news wasn’t actually surprising given the film’s successful theatrical run – grossing $750 million at the global box office and closing $365 million at the stateside. It also recorded 4.1 million viewers on HBO Max, making it the second-best release on the streaming platform. Fans have also been clamoring for a sequel even before the first movie came out, so this confirmation was warmly welcomed. 

Then last October 1, Mattson Tomlin, who is part of the original writing team for The Batman, uploaded a photo of what looks like a freshly-completed screenplay saying “The End.” 

Fans immediately switched to detective mode, trying to comb the image for other hints or clues. Reeves has openly discussed the idea of a sequel developing as early as The Batman’s UK film premiere, so the script finishing would be plausible. However, Tomlin has also been simultaneously working on a number of other different projects, and this script sneak peek could be one of those. 

Later, at the end of the month, Variety reported that while the new heads of DC films confirmed that a sequel is on the deck, no script has yet been delivered. And because of that, the earliest that fans can expect The Batman 2 in theaters is 2025. It would be quite the wait, but it will definitely be worth it with Matt Reeves at the helm. 

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