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Meet Liv Pollock, The Girlfriend Of ‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery

To all the fans of Stranger Things’ Billy Hargrove, aka Dacre Montgomery, we’re very sorry to inform you that he is off the market and has been since 2017. He has a girlfriend by the name of Liv Pollock. 

Montgomery and Pollock came from the same hometown in Perth, Western Australia, which, according to Pollock, was a small place, and they first knew each other through mutual contacts. Then they started talking through social media, and the relationship just developed and grew from there. 

Around the same time they officially got together, the actor joined the cast of the hit Duffer Brothers series. However, his newfound fame didn’t change anything in their relationship, which Pollock noted was built on their similar values and adventurous nature. 

In an interview, she said, “Just because his career places him within the public eye, doesn’t and would never be a factor that we would let influence our relationship, nor should it.”

Here’s everything we know about the woman Montgomery lovingly described as the backbone of everything he does. 

She’s That Girl

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In a nutshell, Liv Pollock can be described as the girl all women aspire to be. She’s a model who studies architecture and loves traveling. 

She also loves cooking and developing her own recipes, and she’s very big on living a holistic lifestyle. She’s also an ambassador for the Australian Red Cross. 

Last but not least, she also takes time to help out her grandmother and her animals on the farm while she rides a motorbike.

Cool, right? So, how about we break them down one by one?

Model and Architecture Student

With her visuals, you’d think if she isn’t an actress, she would most definitely be a model. Well, you’d be right because she is a model. 

Pollock is currently signed with Vivien’s Model Management based in Australia, and she has appeared in a number of swimwear and editorial campaigns. Just last 2020, she and her beau graced the special digital cover of Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan Men’s Edition. Needless to say, they looked absolutely gorgeous. 

She said modeling had been an incredible experience that allowed her to meet fantastic people and explore the world. She plans to continue pursuing it along with her architecture degree, which she paused for a year to move to the US with Montgomery. 

Not only that, she also believed that life experiences are an equally powerful means to learn many things, which was why she took the plunge. 

She attended the University of Western Australia and shared with The Daily Telegraph in 2018 that design was actually one of the things that drew them together. That is because the actor actually studied interior design.

Currently, she’s splitting her time between her home country and the US. She’s definitely looking forward to seeing more of the latter outside of Atlanta, where they spent most of their time while Montgomery filmed Stranger Things

Chatting with It’s Now Cool, the model shared that one of the things she loved most about her time in America was meeting new people. She also felt very fortunate to have friends across the globe. 

In the years to come, she hopes to visit the many epic places in America. 


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If you thought she couldn’t be any more perfect, you’re wrong. Aside from being a model and architecture student, she’s also a highly talented cook. In fact, she works as a recipe developer and food stylist at the online fitness platform The Pilates Class. 

She even made a dedicated Instagram account, @livpollockeats, where she posts all of her delicious recipes (a mix of healthy and sweet treats) and other recipes she has tried. 

A few of our recent favorites include her twist on the traditional tuna Niçoise with creamy avocado dressing, Peach and Ricotta cake, and her hot cross bun. As of writing, it has around 4,000 followers. 

Healthy food is not the only healthy thing that keeps her looking gorgeous and vibrant. It’s also her holistic approach to beauty and fitness. 

She shared with It’s Now Cool that she would try to move her body whenever she wakes up feeling a bit low on a shoot day. She’d either go on a walk or a little morning yoga flow. And moving her body definitely helps her get into a better mood. 

As for her workout routine, she likes to keep things chill and relaxed. If she feels like it, she’d switch it up. As you might’ve guessed, her favorite would be Pilates, which targets lengthening and leaning the muscles. 

However, she does yoga if she wants to take it slower or feels a bit off mentally. She said, “I always find yoga grounds me, and I always leave feeling 1000x better.”


Pollock is an ambassador of the Australian Red Cross along with her boyfriend, Montgomery. During the 2020 SAG Awards pre-show interview with PeopleTV, the actor shared that they were working on the relief efforts focused on the Australian bushfires dubbed the Black Summer – one of the most intense and catastrophic fire seasons recorded in the history of the country. 

Part of their work was to be well-informed about the gravity and extent of the damage. They also created a GoFundMe to try and raise funds for the relief efforts. 


When Pollock isn’t busy modeling, traveling, attending A-list celebrity events, cooking, or doing the good work, she’s out on her grandmother’s farm helping out with the animals. 

Chatting with The West Australian in 2019, she explained that she was assisting her grandmother around the farm on a motorbike a few months before the interview. They were tagging, drafting, and worming sheep for wool production. 

The farm’s actually a 30-year wool supplier to fashion houses in Italy. And the model hoped to one day get to experience her proud moment wearing wool clothing. 

She was definitely proud of what her grandmother had created over the years. “It looked like a very well-oiled machine, coupled with loads of ’70s music, farm dogs and beautiful wool,” she noted. She also wanted to be able to help out with the shearing that year. 


Pollock is definitely a very supportive girlfriend. In 2019, her beau posted a heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram. He wrote how he wanted to use the moment and his platform to thank her because sometimes, partners don’t get the recognition and appreciation they deserve for everything they do. 

He continued, describing Pollock as the backbone of everything he does – the brains and the elegance. She’s also the one who packs up her bags to move around the world for him. 

The couple made their red carpet debut in April 2018 for the 9th Annual Thirst Gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Pollock stunned in a long red dress, while Montgomery sported a sexily styled black suit jacket and white shirt combination. 

Since then, they have attended numerous events together. And one of their most recent ones was the Politix Ambassador Announcement in Sydney, Australia, last January 2023. 

While Pollock is a model and is used to having a camera in front of her, the red carpets still make her nervous. She said there hadn’t been any red carpet event that she wasn’t nervous about, and she wasn’t expecting those nerves to ever go away. 

However, it’s more of the anticipation of lining up and waiting for their turn that gives her all those feelings. Once she’s in front of the camera, her model side kicks in, and she forgets the craziness of the whole thing. 

That’s about everything we know about Dacre Montgomery’s girlfriend, Liv Pollock. You can check out her Instagram @liv.pollock for updates on her life adventures!  

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