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Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum’s Children!

Time flies really fast, right? It’s been years since Teen Mom 3 aired, and in the blink of an eye, the babies featured on the show are now walking faster than their moms! Even though MTV is no longer following the Teen Mom 3 kids, their mothers are doing a fantastic job updating fans on the quickly growing young ones.

The third season of Teen Mom debuted on MTV on August 26, 2013 and ran until November 18, 2013. The show follows four girls from the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant (Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie McKee, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager) as they adjust to motherhood and their evolving social circles. 

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After the show ended, many were curious about the participants and their children. So, let’s find out more about Teen Mom 3 and where they are now.

What Happened to Teen Mom 3 After the Show’s End?

Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager chose to live quiet lives. On the other hand, Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee became stars in other iterations of the franchise. 

Katie Yeager

Katie revealed that she prefers privacy and kept a low profile after the show. “Once the show ended it was a bittersweet feeling but I was relieved to have an out to go back to a somewhat normal life.”

She also added that after the show ended, she returned to school and worked at a rehab facility. Katie enjoyed daily life and caring for her daughter, Molli, whom she shares with her ex, Joey Mayes. Katie also felt relieved she could go around places without people following her.

Alex Sekella

Alex Sekella, who has a daughter named Arabella with her ex Matt McCann and another daughter named Althea with husband Tim Peters, also preferred being away from the spotlight. The dancer (whose turbulent co-parenting relationship with McCann was documented on her episode of 16 and Pregnant and on Teen Mom 3) disclosed in January 2022 that her husband had formally adopted Arabella.

Briana DeJesus

Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus, who shares daughters Nova and Stella with her ex-partners Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, respectively, let fans watch her young girls mature from newborns to endearing young ladies amidst the ongoing co-parenting drama with their respective fathers.

Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee’s three kids, sons Gannon and Broncs and daughter Jaxie with her ex-husband Josh McKee have also faced adversity, such as losing their “Nanny,” Mackenzie’s mother, and their parents’ divorce. Mackenzie stays in Florida with her children, frequently sharing pictures of them grinning and having fun at the beach.

Why Was the Show Cancelled?

Teen Mom 3 was canceled after one season. MTV decided not to renew the show for a second season without much explanation. Many were confused about why it ended abruptly and believed it was because of the lack of drama on the show. Ultimately, many were devastated but happy for the cast to finally regain their normal lives.

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The thing is, most viewers want intense storytelling. They want a lot of crying and fighting, and Teen Mom 3 was short of it. Despite airing for only one season, you can’t deny that the cast and their babies charmed the audience since many are still following them up until now. After many years, the fans of Teen Mom 3 are still waiting for any news about the cast and their kids. 

That said, we will reveal some new updates about the Teen Mom 3 cast and their children.

Gannon (Mackenzie’s Son)

Gannon (Mackenzie's Son)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 8

Name: Gannon Mckee

Age:12 years old

Mackenzie was 16, and Josh was 18 when Gannon was born in 2011. The eldest child of the former couple has inherited his parents’ love of staying active. Mackenzie referred to her adventure-loving son as “Nature Boy” in a September 2022 birthday tribute to Gannon.

Jaxie (Mackenzie’s Daughter)

Jaxie (Mackenzie's Daughter)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 9

Name: Jaxie Mckee

Age: 9 years old

Jaxie McKee, the McKees’ only daughter, was born in 2014, one year after her parents married. Mackenzie frequently posts cute photos of her daughter on Instagram, including their activities together, such as running. Jaxie also participates in cheerleading, which her mother coaches.

Broncs (Mackenzie’s Son)

Broncs (Mackenzie's Son)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 10

Name: Broncs Mckee

Age: 7 years old

Broncs was born in 2016 and weighed 10 pounds. The McKees’ youngest child had several health problems as a newborn but appears to be doing well today, sporting platinum blonde hair and a wide grin in the photos his mother posts. 

Josh and Mackenzie addressed Broncs’ behavioral issues during an appearance on Teen Mom OG, which arose from multiple changes in his life, which included the loss of Mackenzie’s mother and their relocation from Oklahoma to Florida.

Arabella (Alex’s Daughter)

Arabella (Alex's Daughter)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 11

Name: Arabella Peters

Age: 12 years old

Before Arabella was born in 2011, fans watched Alex Sekella wrestle with the notion of adoption; in the end, she chose to raise her baby. Arabella cheered for her school and was given legal adoption by her stepfather in January 2022.

Althea (Alex’s Daughter)

Name: Althea Peters

Age: 1 year old

Two years after her parents’ marriage, in January 2022, Althea was born. In an Instagram carousel that Alex Sekella posted on Althea’s first birthday, she was shown cuddling with her big sister, showing that they had an enjoyable bond.

Nova (Briana’s Daughter)

Nova (Briana's Daughter)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 12

Name: Nova Star DeJesus

Age: 12 years old

Nova, Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin’s only child, was born in 2011. Nova grew from a shy child to a sweet young lady with an edgy twist — she enjoys horror films and even had a horror-themed birthday party!

Stella (Briana’s Daughter)

Stella (Briana's Daughter)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 13

Name: Stella Hernandez

Age: 6 years old

Stella, who looks like Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus, was born in 2017. While her father is generally absent from her life, Nova’s father treats her as if she were his own. Stella is close to her big sister Nova, and the two are frequently photographed holding each other in Briana’s lovely social media posts.

Molli (Katie’s Daughter)

Molli (Katie's Daughter)
Teen Mom 3: The Amazing Growth of the Alum's Children! 14

Name: Molli J Maes

Age: 12 years old

Katie Yeager and Joey Mayes had their first child in 2011. Even though Katie is relatively inactive on social media, she provided an update about her eldest daughter in 2019. Katie posted a photo of Molli smiling with the caption, “Another amazing and successful year of school for Molli.” 

Baby Thayn (Katie’s Daughter)

Name: Baby Thayn

Age: 6 years old

Katie’s second daughter was born in 2017. Despite referring to her younger daughter as “Baby Thayn” in a rare Instagram post, Katie has not yet disclosed her full name. The Teen Mom alum also revealed that Baby Thayn’s father does not want his daughter in the spotlight or any Teen Mom episode.

Teen Mom 3 has opened many eyes to the truth of teenage pregnancy and the struggles that young mothers face. And because of that engaging content, many got hooked with the cast and their families. Though the show might have already been canceled, fans should stay tuned for updates from each family as they usually share them on their social media accounts.

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