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The Truth: Everything About Amber of ‘Naked and Afraid XL’

Though being in the middle of the wild without clothes or resources is scary, Amber Hargrove of “Naked and Afraid” didn’t seem to mind the nasty conditions she faced on the show. 

Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel is an adventure reality show that tests its participants to their limits. Amber Hargrove is a regular contestant on this extreme reality show, and many already know she’s a tough one.

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The show follows the contestants for 21 days as they battle against the forces of nature and try to make it to the end after being left stranded in the wilderness with only one helpful item of their choice. Because of its success, the show has spawned a spin-off called ‘Naked and Afraid XL.’

Amber Hargrove, who also appeared on Naked and Afraid for three seasons from 2015 to 2017, was a contestant with little trouble on the show. According to the Enterprise-Record, Amber worked as an army instructor and was familiar with hazardous surroundings from her time in the military.

You can say that the skills that Amber showed the viewers were mainly due to her experience in the military. Even more interesting is that Amber learned some of them from a very young age. 

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She grew up in a family of outdoor enthusiasts. She has been camping and hunting every summer with her family at Oroville Lake since she was three.

Her father, James Hargrove, taught her how to hunt and fish, while her mother, Cathy Betti, taught her basic shelter construction techniques and how to make a fire in the wilderness. It just goes to show that Amber was prepared to take on the wild and ensure she survived it.

Amber also made friends with her fellow cast members during Naked and Afraid XL. Even after the show, Amber is often seen with fellow participants like EJ Snyder. She also posts throwback photos of her experiences during the show.

Though many might have believed that Amber has an alpha personality that usually clashes with her fellow participants, those characteristics made her stand out and survive most challenges. Viewers pointed out that she is intelligent and resourceful, which is very likable.

Through her excellent military background, Amber of Naked and Afraid navigated the show’s challenges just fine. She also incorporated what she learned from a young age during the show and helped her overcome most obstacles. Because of that, we can say that Amber is indeed made to conquer the wild.

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