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What Did Tully Do to Kate on ‘Firefly Lane’? Everything Revealed in Season 2!

Are you also curious about what did Tully do to Kate on Netflix’s Firefly Lane? Well, the time has finally come for all the questions to be answered!

The decades-long relationship between Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Katherine Heigl) proves that no friendship is flawless. The show’s emotional center revolves around the support the two provide one another over the years, making their falling out at the end of Firefly Lane Season 1 all the more puzzling and distressing.

The series jumps back and forth in time as it narrates different years of their lives, leaving viewers to piece the story together as it goes along. Despite many theories, season 2 explains the long-standing friendship’s breakdown.

Let’s find out more about what happened between Tully and Kate.

Whose Funeral Was It?

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It appears that Kate and Tully’s thirty-year friendship ended when we saw them outside of a funeral in 2004 at the end of Season 1. However, it was not until the middle of Season 2 that we found out that it was Kate’s father, Bud (Paul McGillion), who died from a heart attack, that the mystery of whose funeral they were attending was finally answered.

Considering everything we know about Kate and Tully, it’s astonishing that she wouldn’t want her closest friend by her side during such a vulnerable time.

What Did Tully Do to Kate?

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A friendship that runs thirty years takes a lot to break. That is why many were curious as to what was the reason for Tully and Kate to break apart. Let’s have a recap.

Kate arranges for her daughter Marah (Yael Yurman) to spend the night at Tully’s penthouse so she can spend a romantic weekend alone with her semi-estranged husband, Johnny (Ben Lawson). 

You would naturally think of your best friend to follow your strict instructions and keep your daughter in sight when Marah gets grounded for failing her gym class. Tully agrees and allows Marah to go out when she receives an invitation to see The Notebook with her crush, Ashley.

When Marah leaves with her friend, Tully happens to run into Danny, her ex-boyfriend and finds out he stays in her building. After sharing a pizza in her apartment, Danny tells her he has a girlfriend. After he heads out, Tully pours a few glasses of wine for herself before Marah calls with distressing news.

The teenagers attend a frat party, which neither Tully nor Kate know. Marah gets assaulted by a guy there, and she hides in a pantry while desperately calling Tully for assistance. Feeling flashbacks from her childhood sexual assault, Tully bolts out the door to save Marah.

After she safely pulls Marah from the fraternity, the two ride home. Unfortunately, someone runs a red light and crashes into their car just as their light turns green, severely hurting Marah.

From here, you’ll ultimately have the answer to the question: “What did Tully do to Kate on Firefly Lane that caused their friendship to shatter?” But if you think that is where their relationship ends, fortunately, that is not the case.

What Happened After the Car Accident?

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Tully is arrested for driving under the influence even though she is not at fault for the collision. In addition to seriously harming her career and costing her a significant job offer, the incident shatters her friendship with Kate, who refuses to interact with her.

Tully tried her best to reconnect with Kate and called her many times, but was not answered. After a while, she receives a text from Kate telling her to meet at her house but finds that Marah sent it to make her mother and Tully reconcile.

Despite her anger, Kate consents to speak with Tully, who unexpectedly owns up to her mistakes and extends her apology. Even though Kate acknowledges that she has missed Tully, she informs her that their friendship is over, and she doesn’t accept her apology.

After a while, many things happened in Tully and Kate’s life. Tully started vlogging when Kate discovered she had cancer. 

Uncertain about her future, Kate is compelled to assess her relationships and go to Tully’s penthouse. It is when everything turns 360 degrees, and Kate finally acknowledges that she needs Tully.

Even though the two women miss one another, it takes them several months to get back together because Tully is traveling in Antarctica for a reporting assignment. Ultimately, the two of them realized how much they needed each other. The cancer diagnosis also forced Kate to acknowledge that Tully is the only person who does care about her.

The plot for Season 2 offered an additional viewpoint on Tully and Kate’s relationship and their journey toward forgiveness. The Netflix show has become one of the most anticipated series on the platform, but despite this, it was revealed that there will be none after this. 

The show’s creator, Maggie Friedman, tells Tudum that the writers were able to conclude Kate and Tully’s story on their terms thanks to the oversized second season.

This season was also a reminder that no one is perfect, and we should always try our best to correct our mistakes; it’s heartwarming, and viewers were drawn to the beauty of their friendship. 

Tully and Kate’s relationship has been through ups and downs. After Season 1 ended, many kept asking what did Tully do to Kate on Firefly Lane. Now that Season 2 has revealed everything, hearts are fulfilled, and eyes are opened. 

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