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Animal Planet’s Ernie “Turtleman” Brown Jr. Encountered ‘Bad Accident’

Ernie ‘Turtleman’ Brown told the details of his accident on a Facebook livestream while in the hospital. He recollected the horrible incident that left him with a broken arm and other injuries.

Thanks to Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, the eccentric backwoods expert Ernie Brown Jr., frequently called “Turtleman,” enjoyed a large following and millions of television viewers. 

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The show centers on Ernie and his friend, Neal James, as they eradicate and relocate invasive animals throughout their hometown of Kentucky using their particular kind of hands-on animal capture techniques.

Even as a professional, Ernie occasionally has to deal with bad things that happen. The Turtleman explained that he had a broken bone in his arm. 

He also revealed that he was in pain in his chest after being hit by a tree limb the size of his leg. The television personality went on to say that the tree fell about fifty feet. Then, a branch snagged him in the neck and shoulders. 

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Given the circumstances, Ernie appeared to be in good spirits even though it was obvious that he was in pain and taking medication to deal with the severe aftermath of his accident. Even after receiving medical care, Turtleman’s followers remained inconsolable. On his Facebook Live, many people supported him and wished for his speedy recovery.

Yet Turtleman’s sense of humor never wavered as he remembered his prior wounds, stating that he had broken that tree limb in two. He then added, “Knocked me out for two minutes, but I got that limb. I don’t know who won, I think it was a draw.” Ernie also ranked this incident first, ahead of the bull accident, the car accident, and the chainsaw cut.

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The Kentucky woodsman needed numerous X-rays taken of every part of his body following the accident, and medical professionals also had to examine his heart and other organs. Many of his admirers are also eager to learn more about his health.

Many look forward to Turtleman’s speedy and full recovery soon, which is only natural given his increasing influence on the animal rescue and conservation community. He then thanked his followers for their love and support since the accident had been reported, assuring them that he loved them and that they should never stop praying for him.

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