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Reed Robertson and Brighton Robertson Welcome First Baby

Jase and Missy Robertson’s son, Reed Robertson, and his wife, Brighton Robertson, announced via Instagram they were expecting their first baby on June 1, 2021. “Baby girl Robertson coming in November!” 

When the wonderful news was announced, the Robertson family was ecstatic. In a comment on the page, Reed Roberston’s mother expressed her happiness for the couple. She assured them that they would make fantastic parents.

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The couple also posted pictures of their newborn on social media, showing how delighted they are. It was revealed that the baby girl was named Merris Carroway Robertson, born on November 24, 2021, at 1:35 am, and weighed 7lbs. 

Even Reed’s parents, Missy and Jase, can’t help but boast about their granddaughter on their social media accounts. Missy captioned her post, saying that Thanksgiving gave a whole new meaning to their family since Merris Carroway was born the day before Thanksgiving. Missy also captioned, “Pa and Lulu are yours forever!”

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Reed Robertson and Brighton Robertson are pleased about having a baby girl in their growing family. The new parents are also enjoying every second of their new journey together. It might be a little tricky, but the two of them agree that it’s all worthwhile. 

However, the Robertson family has a reputation for close relationships and strong family values, which many people think will aid the new parents in adjusting to their new roles. Since the viewers have seen the Robertson family’s closeness throughout the TV show, many think Reed and Brighton will draw on it as they start their own family.

Given their hectic schedules as parents, Reed and Brighton made time to enjoy themselves on their first night out as parents. Duck Dynasty‘s Brighton Roberston posted a photo of herself and Reed Robertson at a New Orleans Saints game, noting that it was their first night out as parents. We all need some time off, after all.

With much love and care, Reed Robertson and Brighton Robertson’s baby grows gradually. The couple’s future is exciting, even though there is still no word about a second child. But one thing is certain: Reed and Brighton enjoy being parents, and we might see a new member of their dynasty someday.

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