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Meet Mariah Carey’s Kids, Twins Moroccan and Monroe

Legendary singer Mariah Carey is a mom to two kids, her twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe, with her ex-husband, TV host and actor Nick Cannon. She welcomed them on April 20, 2011, at 41 years old, and loved to call them “Dem Babies” or “Dem Kids” affectionately. 

In a tweet welcoming the new members of their family, Cannon said that Carey had just given him the most incredible anniversary gift ever in his life. “I won’t ever be able to top this!” he shared. 

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The two got married in 2008, but unfortunately, they divorced after eight years. Despite that, they stayed friends and worked out a really good co-parenting setup. So, the twins grew up as a whole family. 

According to Carey and Cannon, they wanted their kids to be humble and grounded. Cannon said he wanted their kids to understand that not every kid was as unfortunate as they were. Carey also shared the same sentiment, and as hard as it was, she always tried her best to make sure they didn’t think everything was handed to them. 

Of course, being the kids of two big Hollywood celebrities, it was inevitable for them to enjoy some privileges. They’ve got custom picture books, stages with their mom, red carpets, music video cameos, and fashion campaigns. They have also enjoyed yacht vacations and outdoor hot tubs among the few of all the niceties and luxuries. 

Let’s finally meet Mariah Carey’s double M, Moroccan and Monroe. 

Monroe Cannon

Monroe, nicknamed “Roe” by her parents, arrived along with his twin Moroccan on April 30, 2011 – which, much to their dad’s happiness, coincidentally fell on the same day as their third wedding anniversary. According to the singer’s representatives, Monroe got out the first, making her the older of the two. 

In her 2020 memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” she wanted her kids to share her initial “M.” She ultimately settled with Monroe, inspired by the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. However, she followed his nickname instead, which was still very cute!

Roe shared many things from her mama, from her looks and musical talents to her traits. 

At 10, she made her modeling debut for the American children’s apparel (a subsidiary of Carter’s) OshKosh B’ Gosh. The back-to-school ad featured a voice-over from the singer, who talked about how determined she was as a little girl to realize her dreams and transition into motherhood and her joy in seeing her children visualize their dreams. As her voice played in the background, Roe played as her younger version. 

Then, in October 2022, they stepped out together in twinning black outfits. Even their hair (beautiful curls braided back in a mini-cornrow style) perfectly matched up! She really is her mother’s daughter. 

Not only did they look alike, but they also had amazing voices. The singer noted that her daughter has a “really, really good ear for music” as well as a beautiful tone. However, she emphasized that she can’t force her to sing, so she would if she wanted to sing. 

Roe decided she wanted to sing, so the following year, in 2017, she sang with her mom to “Always Be My Baby” at a Hollywood concert. In December 2022, she joined Carey on her tour in Toronto and sang “Away in a Manager.” In those two performances (so far), the audience agreed that she had potential. 

Aside from her visual and musical chops, Roe also had acting and humor nailed. In the TikTok videos that Carey uploaded, she loved acting with her brother in funny skits. Once, they did some playfighting after walking the runway in their fake fashion show. 

She also most definitely loved doing silly lipsync, especially her mom’s high notes. She even tried making it out as if it was her belting the notes, but Carey playfully revealed that that wasn’t the case. She also did “Emotions” with her dad, and they pulled out all the stops with the blankets, the spinning, and the iconic high note. 

One of her most recent ones was “It’s a Wrap,” though her mom kind of stole her microphone and the show. Roe wrote in the caption, “POV: every time I try to practice some vocals.”

Moroccan Scott Cannon

Moroccan, who goes by the nickname “Roc,” slipped right after his twin sister Roe. While Marilyn inspired her sister’s name, his was by an actual Moroccan-inspired decor in his mom’s New York City apartment. It was a sentimental piece as Carey and Cannon got engaged in that apartment. 

Roc was just as playful as his sister and often featured on his mom’s Instagram. In 2017, he announced one of the biggest milestones of his young life: getting a tooth knocked out. In the video, the then-five-year-old said he was excited and happy and wanted to show his mom. 

Three years later, at eight, he still didn’t lose that playfulness in him. In his New Year’s Eve 2020 speech, he spoke about how many people wouldn’t have thought the year was perfect (because, if we all remember, COVID-19 happened that year), but it was to him. He even called it “inspiring” and said, “Cause I had it too good for too long, man.” 

Roc also loved being funny and sassy. Cannon shared that his kids called him a player during a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight

When he asked who taught them that word and who had been talking with them, his young son simply responded, “Dad, you can’t be a player forever.” Carey also said the same thing about Roc. She told Access Hollywood that he was a “freaking comedian.” 

Newest Additions

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Last September 2023, the triple M – Mariah Carey and her kids, Monroe and Moroccan – welcomed two new additions to their awesome family. They adopted two kittens, whom they called “Dem Kittens,” and named them Nacho and Rocky Jr.

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