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Singer Morgan Wallen Celebrates His Son 1st Birthday with Ex-partner KT Smith

In 2021, five months after his racial slur controversy, singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen celebrated his son’s first birthday party with his ex-girlfriend, KT Smith. 

Fans were excited when the ex-couple started sharing photos taken from their son’s rodeo cowboy-themed party, with the two dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls themselves. 

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The delight and joy that their son, Indigo Wilder, gives to the two are beyond comparable, as the two describe it in their statements on Instagram, in which they express how much they love and adore their son, saying that Indie is indeed a bundle of joy every parent could ever ask for. 

However, despite that, it seems like some netizens cannot let go of his past issues, just like his racial slur controversy that has been brought up once again. That is why, if you want to know more about what happened during the party, scroll down as we’ve covered everything. 

Wallen and Smith’s Good Co-Parenting!

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In 2021, ex-couple Wallen and Smith proved that good co-parenting is not impossible to do. According to reports, the two started dating around 2017. However, due to some challenges in their relationship, he and Katie Smith started having an on-again, off-again relationship. 

As things didn’t go the way they hoped they would, the couple finally decided to call it quits in 2019 after two years of being together. However, a year later, Smith suddenly announced the arrival of their first child together, a son named Indigo Wilder. 

Fans hoped they would get back together. However, it seems like they already knew that the romance they had before wouldn’t be the same anymore. But despite that, the two ensure they are both present on their son’s every milestone. 

During Indie’s first birthday party, the ex-couple posted some of their cute family shots, posing for the camera while dressed up in a cowboy outfit.

On Instagram, Wallen expressed that since Indie came into the world, he sees his life differently now. Indie has become a treasure that Wallen will cherish for the rest of his life. The singer even added that he will make sure to be the Dad and co-parent that Indie and Smith both deserve to have. 

Wallen’s Racial Slur Controversy

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Amidst Wallen’s son’s first birthday celebration, Wallen has again made headlines after his racial slur controversy resurfaced. 

Wallen faced backlash and consequences for using a racial slur earlier this year, including being dropped by his record label and removed from radio airplay. According to reports, Wallen and his friends were captured on video at his house, where Wallen was heard using the N-word. 

This clip triggered a lot of netizens, so as a result, Wallen started facing a series of backlash from his fans. Some known institutions, like the Academy of Country Music Awards, disqualified him from his nomination. 

Things started to lay low when Wallen immediately apologized for what he stated, and some fans have been supportive of his return to social media after months of not updating. However, some fans continued criticizing him for his behavior and lack of meaningful apology, even months after the controversy started. 

Despite that, this didn’t stop Morgan Wallen from giving his son the best 1st birthday party a child could ever ask for. So, if you want to keep updated on his life as an artist and as a parent, you can follow him on Instagram @morganwallen

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