Where to Watch ‘Spare Me, Great Lord!’ anime?

Where to Watch ‘Spare Me, Great Lord!’ anime?
Where to watch Spare Me, Great Lord!

‘Spare Me, Great Lord’ anime is a 12-episode ONA series based on a Chinese manhwa, Da Wang Rao Ming, written by The Speaking Pork Trotter. It narrates the story of a metahuman orphan named Lu Shu. During the dawn of the magical era, he and his sister Lu Xiaoyu journey together to hone their powers. And along the way, they find themselves in supernatural events, fighting obstacles, and facing the most powerful people in the country. 

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It’s categorized under Cultivation (修真) which is a Taoist concept describing the process of extending one’s lifespan through the practice of martial and mystical arts. The goal of this is to cultivate the Qi, or the spiritual life force. The anime depicts seven stages in the cultivation process (celestial map) called nebulas (representing emotions). Each nebula contains seven stars, and to advance through the process, each star should be lit up. 

The anime, or more accurately called donghua 动画 which is the Chinese term for any animated work), premiered on December 3, 2021, and received positive reviews for its phenomenal opening and stunning animation done by Deca-Dence designer Hiromatsu Shu. The OP was uploaded by Big Firebird Cultural Media Animation ahead of the donghua’s release. 

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Hiromatsu Shu was known for his key animation works for FLCL Alternative, Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Wonder Egg Priority, Fire Force, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil film.

That was why it wasn’t surprising that it has gained major attention and became a topic among otaku communities. The first season ended on February 11, 2022, and it is rumored to get a second season though there has been no official announcement just yet. 

But while it has been quite the talk of the town, the series remains to be obscure to casual viewers. Why?

Is ‘Spare Me, Great Lord!’ not available on major streaming sites?

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The donghua, which was produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, is exclusively streamed in China and has not yet been picked up by any major streaming sites outside of the country. Usually, animes can be streamed via Crunchyroll, an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service which brings animes into the Western market, but ‘Spare Me, Great Lord!’ is not available on the platform. It isn’t available on Funimation either. 

Some episodes are available on YouTube TV, which costs $64.99 per month for its Base Plan. You can check out local streaming sites which offer viewers free streaming. But the main issue with this is the translation. According to viewer reviews, the subtitles were so bad that it made the story hard to follow and the character developments difficult to appreciate.

Hopefully, with the arrival of ‘Spare Me, Great Lord!’ anime season 2, we’ll see it get picked up and attract a bigger fanbase. And don’t worry, we’ll update you when that happens!

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