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Unriddling the Viral Phrase “sussy Baka”

The phrase “sussy Baka” has easily crept into the internet’s lingo and quickly caught on as a common response to just about any post. You’ve probably seen this shorthand a handful of times already, and you have gone past the point of passively scrolling through it. And so here you are. 

Basically, “sussy Baka” is a combination of the video game slang ‘sus’ and the Japanese swear or curse word ‘Baka ばか.’ 

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‘Sus’ was borrowed from the word suspicious. It first became a buzzword in the popular online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us as players try to decipher the Imposter within the group. On the other hand, ‘Baka’ is a curse word often heard in animes that means idiot, jackass, dumbass, or an unthinking fool. Though it’s generally an insult, the term is still highly contextual.

And so, by combining these two terms, “sussy Baka” means “suspicious fool.”

The Origin

@akeamfrancis.vlogs Reply to @frogskarl #HerStory #smilegang1 #akeamfrancis ♬ original sound – Akeamfrancis

This started with a live stream by TikTok user @akeamfrancis2 (now @akeamfrancis.vlogs). In the clip, he yelled, “Baka! Deku! Why are you acting such like a baka? Deku, why you acting like such a baka?” To those who don’t know, Francis was referring to Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, from the hit series My Hero Academia. 

The audio caught on and inspired lip-dubbed versions from different creators, with the most popular one by user @nyatsumii earning over 1.7 million views in roughly a month. Francis capitalized on the success and even did his own lip dub version. 

But the now-viral phrase seemed to have been coined by user @frogskarl, who requested that Francis say “Sussy bauka.” The creator obliged saying, “why you gotta be such a sussy baka? Like, seriously, Deku, you’re such a sussy baka. You’re a sussy baka. You sussy baka.” They also used a sticker of an Among Us crewmate flossing in the video. 

It quickly went viral, gaining 1.2 million views in a month. Currently, the video has recorded 243,000 likes and shared almost 30,000 times.

The Spread

A lot of TikTok users and creators jumped on the trend. There were even custom emoji memes made for the phrase. One of the more popular versions of the “sussy Baka” was by TikTok user @miaormoa. It was a parody version using Princess Chelsea’s song “The Cigarette Duet.” The video garnered 1.1 million views in a span of two weeks. 

Since then, the phrase has become a common response and expression by many social media users. Even actor Dean Norris from Breaking Bad was in on it. In a YouTube video posted by Kosaku Kowajiri, Dean (who plays Hank in the series) accused Walt of being a “sussy Baka.” It was a personalized message requested by Kowajiri’s father via Cameo for his birthday as he is a Breaking Bad fan (as well as the rest of his family – dad Arthur, Uncle Don, and Granddad William – who were all mentioned in the video). 

There you have it! We hope that we have satiated your curiosity about what “sussy Baka” means and how it started. And now that you know, you won’t be tagged as one!

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