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King of Short Kings? How Tall is Tyler1?

“6’6” and still growing.”

On a subreddit called loltyler1one user commented this, possibly baffled about the actual height of Tyler1 too.

But seriously, though, how tall is Tyler1?

In the same subreddit, a fan said that Tyler1 stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. But his high school football team page listed him as 5 feet and 7 inches tall. 

Not as tall as one might expect given his high temper during his streams. This Twitch star with over 5 million followers falls below the average height for men in the USA.

5’9” is the median height for American men. Why is this relevant?

Tyler1 or Tyler Steinkamp was born in Missouri, USA on March 7, 1995. No, his height isn’t a headline because he’s a Pisces. But if you have at least one Pisces in your life, you’d know how much one can want to get under their skin. 

Haters gonna hate, as they say. With Tyler1’s height, some of his stream viewers want to know how tall is Tyler1 to have something to throw at him. 

Does height matter?

In Tyler1’s case, it doesn’t. With his wide range of fan base as a streamer, he keeps on getting more prominent as he appeared on the small screen too. On April Fools’ day of 2018, he starred in the movie “A Day In The Life Of Tyler1.” Whether you’re a fan or not, you’d be carried away with this comedic and action-packed documentary of his everyday life. 

One IMDb featured review noted that the movie shows Tyler1 has a high IQ. 

While he gets an enormous amount of hate on this platform, most of Tyler1’s income is from his Youtube channel. He’s racked up a total of 528,787,634 views since he joined Youtube on May 19, 2014. 

With 2.7 million subscribers as of writing, this streamer shows that all controversy and bans are all just bygones.

As with his career on Twitch, this League of Legends streamer ranked the highest in 4 out of 5 roles. He aimed to bank on his experience in 2022 and be the best in all 5. 

True enough, this short king gained 5 Challenger medals. Awarded by Riot Games, the official Twitter page of this body tweeted about Tyler1’s win on February 19, 2022.

Do you want to stay in the loop for more interesting scoops? From tackling ridiculous questions about how tall Tyler1 is to how tall Jack Harlow is (yes, we have the range!), we got them all answered.

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