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Scammer! 90 Day Fiance Lisa Disses Ex-husband Usman For Using Auto-tune

It looks like 90 Day Fiance alum Lisa and Usman still have beef. Lisa, who appeared with Usman during the show’s fourth season, openly criticizes her ex-husband for using auto-tune. 

90-Day Fiance’s Usman and Lisa’s Journey

Usman’s love story with his first wife, Lisa Hamme, was featured on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day, which premiered in February 2020. Lisa and Usman met online and decided to go to Nigeria to meet for the very first time after Usman proposed.

Despite almost making it down the aisle throughout the series, the international flames parted in May 2020. After the divorce, Lisa claims that Usman “used” her to gain fame for his music. 

“He married me just to be on a TV show that people would recognize his name to sell his music.” Lisa also called Usman a scammer for this.

Rocco Straz (Lisa’s representative) later revealed the details of their breakup in an exclusive statement to In Touch. According to Rocca, Lisa had enough of Usman’s disrespect and lies. Furthermore, Usman went live to humiliate his wife, claiming that she would attempt suicide if he did not marry her, which is slander.

An insider claimed Usman ‘SojaBoy’ Umar is not a ‘scammer’ just like his 90 Day Fiance ex-wife said. However, that didn’t stop Lisa as she also started commenting about Usman’s new relationship with Kimberly. 

Lisa’s Opinion on Usman and Kimberly

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The Pennsylvania native has disapproved of her ex and his recent romance. She boasted that the big difference between her and Kim is that she and Usman were already in a relationship before joining the show and met Usman’s family via video chat before meeting them personally.

She also speculated that the Nigerian artist returned to the long-running series to advance his music career rather than for Kimberly’s sake. SojaBoy slammed Lisa’s claims about his storyline with Kim being false in his statement to In Touch, saying he does not have anything to waste and is happy with his ‘Queen Kimberly.’

Lisa Slams Usman for Using Auto-tune

The beef between this ex-couple does not go away after Lisa confronts Usman for her new diss track. As mentioned, Lisa is convinced that Usman used her to get publicity and promote his songs. She believes this is so because of how Usman has been slowly getting recognition through his music.

During 90 Day Fiance, Lisa and Usman’s relationship also became wobbly due to his music career and female fans, whom Lisa was jealous of. Now, Lisa is back at throwing jabs at Usman’s profession, but this time, it’s about his excessive use of auto-tune.

Lisa mocked Usman’s music career in a post set to the song “Act A Fool” by Ludacris, saying, “How are these 2 going [to] laugh at Libby [Castravet] at least she doesn’t AUTO-TUNE! Unlike this fool,” and wrote the hashtag ‘scammers.’

Usman’s 90-Day Fiance’s ex-wife believes that using auto-tune only shows his dishonesty. In addition, this only showcases his lack of musical talents, which he concealed by using such methods in producing his music.

Where is Lisa and Usman Now?

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After 90 Day Fiance, Lisa married her current husband, Tracey Robinson, in April 2021. Lisa tells In Touch that they started dating in September 2020 despite having known each other since grade school. Lisa disclosed that her husband spoils her and that he would be thrilled to have an appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk with her. 

Usman took to Instagram in March 2023 to announce his new relationship status following his separation from Kim. Usman is reportedly returning to the franchise with a new woman named Kiera Ogden, according to Starcasm.

However, Keira talked with In Touch in July 2023, announcing that she and Usman were no longer together. While Kiera did not tell the reason for her breakup with Usman, she did speak about “healthy relationships” and encouraged others to “prioritize their well-being.”

Lisa and Usman from 90 Day Fiance did not work out, but they are doing better than expected. Though their journey together is already over, fans are still tuning in on their social media dispute and sharing their opinions on which side is winning.

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