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Armie Hammer Accidentally Swiped To His Nude While Showing Off Photos Of His Baby

Actor Armie Hammer once shared an embarrassing story of him accidentally exposing his nude to his hairstylist on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

So Here Was How The Story Went

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According to the actor, he was getting his haircut that morning when he started talking about his eight-month-old baby girl. Of course, just like any parent, he decided that his stylist should see her adorable photos. 

He whipped his phone out, clicked on his Gallery, and started going through all of them. Then, they got to the photo where his baby was lounging in the sink, having the best time of her life. 

He swiped some more to show off her cuteness in their mini bathroom photo shoot. He even remarked, “Look at how cute she is!”

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A few seconds later, he realized he was caught in the background of the photos. The worst part was that he was standing fully nude in the bathroom mirror. 

He had an internal panic but didn’t want his stylist to notice his embarrassment over his accidental reveal. So, as quickly and casually as possible, he finished the “photo tour” and said, “Anyway, you get the picture!”

Hammer told Kimmel that it seemed like the stylist hadn’t noticed anything unusual with the photos. Nevertheless, he was still very embarrassed, and only that day did he discover he had nudes on his phone. 

Lesson Learned

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Armie Hammer definitely learned his lesson in that encounter: Double-check your photos to ensure you don’t accidentally expose yourself in the nude.

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