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Some of Celebrity Bikini Nip Slips You Should Take Note Of!

As years passed, Bikini nip slips have become an ordinary thing in Hollywood. By the end of the 1900s century, bikinis had become the most popular beachwear around the globe. Since celebrities and models have used them as a staple look for paparazzi pictures, it is safe to say that bikini malfunctions have become a popular topic among many. 

That is why, if you want to know some of the most controversial and trending bikini malfunctions among celebrities and models, scroll down as we have everything covered for you. 

Eva Longoria

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In 2013, our girl Eva Longoria was accidentally caught in a nip slip incident after her orange bikini top suddenly fell off as she chilled by the beach, sunbathing while on vacation in Puerto Rico. 

Mercedes “MJ” Javid 

In 2012, some fans couldn’t help but sweat at the curvylicious body of Merced Javid as she lay still on a mat while tanning at one beach in Santa Barbara.

Bella Hadid

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Models like Bella Hadid are usually the ones who experience wardrobe malfunctions more often than others. During the “Victoria Secret’s” fashion show in 2017, Bella made everyone’s heart skip a bit after her nips suddenly slipped a bit when she lifted her arms while doing one of her final numbers on the fashion show. 

Nicole “Coco” Austin 

The reality TV star shocked everyone when her big boobs suddenly popped out while she was having the best time and completely enjoying the waves and the sun during her stay in Miami Beach.

Lindsay Lohan 

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Miami Beach is notorious for its big waves that can literally take away even the strongest and well-tied bikinis. It’s something that “Mean Girls” actress Lindsay Lohan experienced firsthand. In 2011, while playing with the water, the actress suddenly lost her entire bikini top, causing her to accidentally flaunt what was hidden behind them out to the public. 

Natasha Lyonne

In 2015, while on a trip in Brazil, the “Orange Is the New Black” actress accidentally flashes her nips to beachgoers immediately after the waves knocked her bikini top aside.

Chrissy Teigen 

In 2017, while Snapchat was still in, TV personality Chrissy Teigen accidentally flashed her nipple while she showed off her fresh tan. When her fans noticed this big mistake, they immediately informed the star.

As a result, Chrissy’s assistant took down the video, and Chrissy also posted an apology, saying she was sorry to everyone she might have disappointed with the unintentional mistake. 

Geri Halliwell  

A former Spice Girl member made everyone feel hot after she went through a major nip slip while vacationing in Sardinia.

Despite how harmless it may look, there is no doubt that bikini malfunctions have a big impact on the celebrities involved. That includes both personal and professional damages, especially for individuals who have suffered body shaming. 

Despite the negativity thrown at them, these celebrities never stop wearing what they want. Whether it’s a bikini or a see-through dress, one thing is certain: nip slips aren’t enough to make these women back down. 

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