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Remembering Betty Sue Palmer: Everything You Need to Know

In 2016, American musician and actor Johnny Depp mourned the death of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, who died at the age of 81. The confirmation of her passing shocked not just Depp’s fans but also all netizens around the globe. 

Her death has brought sadness to everyone, especially Depp. It has been a hard journey for the actor, as months after his mother’s death, his ex-wife, Amber Heard, also filed for divorce. 

So, if you want to know more about Johnny Depp’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, scroll down as we have everything covered for you!

Who Is Betty Sue Palmer?

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Born in 1935, Betty Sue Palmer was raised in Kentucky in the United States of America. When she was eighteen, she married Christopher Depp, with whom she had four children, including Johnny Depp. However, things went sideways for the couple, ultimately leading to their separation in 1978. 

She Works as A Nurse

No one could deny that Palmer had a complex life with many ups and downs. Apart from being termed as the “mother” of a big star, her achievements as an individual also deserve undying recognition. According to reports, she was a professional nurse who worked nonstop for her family.

Johnny Depp’s Mother’s Death  

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At the age of 81, Depp’s mother passed away due to an underlying condition that has not been disclosed to the public. It was reported that in 2012, Palmer was admitted to the ICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles when she started to feel symptoms of the said condition.  

Although she was able to survive her first visit to the hospital, over the coming years, her health started to deteriorate once more. According to reports, she was last seen having fun when she was spotted having a New Year’s Eve dinner with her son Depp and his ex-wife Heard in 2014.

However, two years later, in 2016, Palmer ultimately took her last breath, with many people sending their deepest condolences to the Depp family. During the funeral, Depp has been candid about how his difficult upbringing forged a close relationship with his mom. 

In a statement he shared in one interview, he stated that his mother was raised in a shack in the wilds of Appalachia, where the toilet was an outhouse, so Palmer used to say to him the same things that her mom did – and Depp can assure that his grandmother certainly didn’t know any better. 

The Tumultuous Relationship Between Depp and His Mother

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According to reports, Palmer is known for being one of the most supportive mothers in the Hollywood industry, as she has been a frequent guest of the actor at various Hollywood functions. However, there have also been reports that claim she had abusive behavior towards her children. 

This speculation was actually brought to light by Depp during his own mother’s funeral, where he stated that his mother was “the worst human being he has ever met.” However, Depp couldn’t deny that he still loved his mom despite all the hardship they had gone through as a mother and son. 

Lessons Palmer Thought Depp

Considering all of the negativity that Depp’s mother has been receiving for her parenting style, Depp did state that despite the trauma he endured, his difficult upbringing has somehow helped him shape himself to become the person that he is today.

The actor has also spoken about how his mother’s lessons have influenced his parenting style. During a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, Depp shared his mom’s advice on dealing with bullies.

In the said interview, Depp stated that he comes from nothing but hillbillies. His mom told him that the next time anybody puts their hands on him, he should always remember to pick up a brick and lay it out no matter what. 

So, to show appreciation to his mother, he even tattooed her name inside a heart on his upper left arm. On top of that, he has also openly spoken in interviews about how his mother’s lessons have influenced his own parenting style today. 

Despite the harsh reports regarding Betty Sue Palmer’s parenting style, no one can deny that she somehow raised a talented and wonderful man everyone adored and loved. 

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