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Things About Brett Goldstein’s Girlfriend, Beth Rylance

In 2021, Brett Goldstein and (now-girlfriend) Beth Rylance made fans excited when they announced that they were finally dating after knowing each other for years. 

Unlike other couples, the two announced their romance in the most unexpected way possible. After telling the world of their ongoing relationship during the 2021 Emmy Awards, fans of Brett Goldstein started to get curious about the actor’s girlfriend. 

So, if you want to know more about it, scroll down because we have everything covered. Yes, that’s right, from her childhood to how she and the heartthrob actor met. 

Who Is Beth Rylance?

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Born in 1993, Beth Rylance grew up in London, where she was able to finish her primary and secondary education. Little is known about her personal life, especially her childhood and family. Despite working in the entertainment industry, Rylance has always tried to maintain a private life.  

She Is an Actress

Just like her boyfriend, Rylance also works as an actress. Her roles in TV series like Extraordinary and BBC Laugh Lessons made her gain some popularity. She started her career in the industry in 2009 for a comedy series called “School of Comedy.”

Over the coming years, she has tried to keep up with making a name of her own. However, it seems that many of her fans started getting interested in her when Brett Goldstein announced that they were officially dating in 2021. 

How Did They Meet?

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No one really knows much about how the actors actually first met. However, according to some reports and fan speculations, the couple may have known each other during an event or through their circle of friends since they are both actors working in the same industry. 

Aside from that, what really made fans squeak in happiness was how Goldstein confirmed his relationship with Rylance. He certainly thought of a spontaneous and very public way of announcing his romance with the British actress.

In 2021, the actor gave Rylance a quick shout-out during his acceptance speech for his Emmy Award for his role as Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. Moreover, for fans who missed the announcement, the actor posted the uncensored speech on his Instagram a few days after the ceremony. 

She Hosts a Podcast 

Aside from being an actress, Rylance is also a writer and a host of her own podcast. Her job is primarily related to comedy. As seen in her past works on shows like BBC Laugh Lessons, Comedy Central’s Every Blank Ever, and The B@IT, it’s safe to say that Rylance is a true comedian by heart. 

On top of that, as crazy as it may seem, Rylance also teaches workshops at the School of Comedy, which is technically a London-based comedy workshop that teaches kids how to become better comedians. 

She also co-hosted the podcast called Rules for Life, which talks about life lessons that everyone could relate to. However, for some unknown reasons, the podcast hasn’t released new episodes since 2020.

She Is Such a Supportive Girlfriend

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Since the official announcement of their ongoing relationship, the actress has avoided any questions regarding her romance with the known actor. But that doesn’t mean that she is not a supportive partner. 

On special occasions, the actress does share funny comments and posts about her boyfriend. In one post she shared on Instagram, she stated that she wanted to cry so badly when Goldstein announced their romance unexpectedly. Not because she is ashamed of it but because she was also shocked by Goldstein’s sudden announcement. 

Since then, the couple has filled their relationship with joyful memories. At this point, fans are just waiting for their engagement, considering everyone hopes the two would be each other’s endgame.  

She Is Quite “The Writer”

Aside from being such a good comedian, Rylance is also quite the writer. 

In 2021, on her Instagram account, she shared a comedic typewritten poem that says, roses are red, violets are red, everything is red, and she wants to be dead. Although the poem is nonsense, the fans were amazed because Rylance wrote this short poem on a typewriter while she was drunk at a party. 

She Has a Love Island Parody

Since she has the heart of a comedian and her boyfriend Goldstein, Rylance spent time quarantining together during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the boring period, the two found a way to make this dull experience a bit more enjoyable when they created a parody of the dating show Love Island and posted videos of the skits on Instagram.

Long after their grand confirmation, the couple has decided to keep their relationship away from the public as much as possible. So, if you still want to keep updated on Brett Goldstein and his girlfriend Beth Rylance’s life, you can follow them on Instagram @thebethrylance and @mrbrettgoldstein

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