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Whale Tail Fashion: The Comeback Of G-Strings And Thongs Among The Top Celebrities

Whale Tail Fashion: The Comeback Of G-Strings And Thongs Among The Top Celebrities
Whale Tail Fashion The Comeback Of G-Strings And Thongs Among The Top Celebrities

A-list celebrities have resurrected the trend of Thongs and G-strings from the dead. But this isn’t the first time a ’90s trend has returned to modern-day fashion. Although multitudes of trends in the current times have been derived from the past, the comeback of thongs and g-strings among celebrities is all thanks to low-rise jeans.

Initially, the trend of G-strings and Thongs is called the “Whale Tail” trend. The name originated from the look of how the top part of the thongs reaches up to the top of your butt, making the thongs resemble the tail of a majestic whale coming out of your butt.

Many well-known public figures have been seen indulging in the trend. Fashion trendsetters like the Kardashians and many pop icons have contributed to bringing g-strings and thongs back into fashion. With that, let’s dive into the past of this well-known fashion trend. 

How Did The G-Strings And Thongs Come To Be?

Although many prominent figures have indulged in the trend, G-strings and thongs have been in fashion for decades. It originated in the 1930s when burlesque dancers used it in their performances. The thong provided a way for their costumes to go around the modesty laws, not wholly giving into nudity while also being exposed for the most part.

G-strings and Thongs are trends celebrities have indulged in since the 90s. Unforgettable pop culture moments such as Britney Spears and her iconic performance in the MTV Awards show in the 2000s have showcased a sparkly g-string that went up her waist.

That said, it isn’t only a trend; it’s also a fashion statement. Fashion experts have claimed that the whale tail trend is a way for women to reclaim their sexuality. It’s also a way to reclaim the female gaze, noting that the trend is not done to get the attention of guys but for themselves to feel more powerful.

Celebrities In Thongs And G-Strings Have Brought The Resurrection Of Whale Tale Fashion Back From The Dead

Celebrity thong exposure has crawled to the top trends from Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber. With many A-listers having the fashion statement complete their outfits, let’s dive into the iconic looks celebrities have served during the years with Whale Tail fashion.

Rose McGowaan 

It’s starting strong with Rose McGowan and her chainmail dress, complimented by a leopard black thong in the 1998 VMA’s. She used the fashion statement as an epic comeback after she was one of the first women to take action against the sexual assault of Harvey Weinstein.

Gillian Anderson

Another iconic look with the Whale Tail trend on its knees was when Gillian Anderson wore a sultry dark blue backless dress that showed off her black thong at the Vanity Fair Oscar‘s after-party in 2001.

Bella Hadid

No one could forget the iconic look that Bella Hadid served in 2019 when she went to soak up some sun on the beach while wearing low-cut jeans with a black bikini top that matched the color of her thong-like bikini bottom. No celebs in thongs could beat that look that everyone has on their summer mood boards.

Kim Kardashian

Although, we must remember the modern-day trendsetter, Kim Kardashian. She set the bar as she wore a tight backless dress with a red thong visible on the back in 2020.

The Whale Tail Trend Is Coming Back…Is It A Good Thing?

The trend of G-strings and Thongs amongst the most influential celebrities in the modern-day world serves as another way for women to be proud of their sexuality and go against the usual standards of dressing up that people once expected women to do. In a way, Whale Tail fashion provides a sense of empowerment while feeling sexy at the same time. 

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