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Country Star Kane Brown Explains The Reason For His Daughter’s Name, Kodi Jane

No one could have ever expected Kane Brown’s daughter, Kodi Jane, to make headlines just because of the unique name that she was given. Country Star Kane Brown brought everyone a shocking surprise to end the year 2021. Everyone was excited to meet and see the new cute little addition to their family as his wife gave birth to their second daughter on December 30, 2021.

In an episode in Superstar Power Hour with Audacy’s Katie Neal, Kane Brown revealed the amount of thought he put into his daughter’s name. 29-year-old Kane Brown and his 30-year-old wife initially expected a baby boy, but they were surprised when it turned out to be a girl. 

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Initially, they planned that if their kid were a boy, Kane Brown’s baby’s name would be ‘Knight’ because their daughter was named Kingsley. But since plans had changed, everyone thought Knight didn’t fit their newborn daughter, so instead, the couple and a bunch of other guests in their gender reveal party brainstormed for names that start with K.

As the couple and the guests were trying to come up with another name, Kane Brown was the one who came up with the name ‘Kodi.’ However, it sparked another debate. This time, they wondered whether the name should be ‘Kody’ or a ‘Kodie,’ but they ultimately named her Kodi instead.

Her grandmother inspired her middle name, ‘Jane,’ the middle name idea that originates from their grandmothers is what they did for their eldest daughter’s middle name too.

The birth of Kodi Jane also means another thing, though. It means their 3-year-old daughter, Kingsley Rose, is officially a big sister!

The two little girls never fail to appear on their parent’s Instagram accounts, sharing cute pictures and moments they had as a family. 

But that’s not all, because the couple had gotten themselves a tattoo in honor of their newborn daughter. The name ‘Kodi’ was tattooed on Kane Brown’s hand, while ‘Kodi Jane’ was written on his wife’s lower arm. Initially, they did the same thing when their first child, Kingsley Rose, was born.

Kodi Jane Brown Is Growing Up!

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After that colossal milestone, Kodi Jane officially turned one on December 30, 2022. The Brown family celebrated the event in their own home as they turned up with a “First Rodeo” themed birthday party.

The momentous occasion featured a bunch of brown, pink, and white decorations. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without the cakes, cookies, and giveaways loyal to the party’s theme. It also featured a pink barn with the words ‘Kodi’s Barn’ written on its doors.

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Kane Brown and his Philadelphian wife also got into a mood by dressing up Southern style for the occasion with cowboy hats, tassels, and clothes that had snakeskin. At the same time, their birthday girl is dressed in a denim button-up shirt with a white cotton patterned skirt.

The Brown family indeed put a lot of thought into how to throw a party for their special baby girl, with many people leaving comments on how cute Kodi Jane is. With the amount of thought Kane Brown and his wife put into Kodi Jane’s name and her birthday celebration, this isn’t the last time we’ll see another Brown family event making headlines.

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