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Let’s Get to Know Kenedi Anderson’s Dad and the Rest of Her Big Family!

Kenedi Anderson might not be the only Anderson who’s become the center of the spotlight, as it was revealed that her dad is also famous. 

After singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause,’ the teenager wowed the judges during her American Idol audition and quickly became one of the show’s front-runners. Though viewers only saw her mom, Anne Anderson, during that audition, Kenedi stated that she has a ‘big family’ that’s highly athletic.

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Much to the dismay of many, the singer’s time as an American Idol was short-lived. In late April 2022, Kenedi withdrew from the competition following just four episodes and three further performances. She stated on Instagram two days after she had left the series that she had removed herself for “personal reasons,” however she did not provide any further details.

Kenedi Anderson’s family was supportive while she was competing, and after, she decided to depart from the show. During her Idol Audition, Kenedi once talked about how close-knit her family is. “We’re all pretty close, but we’ve been through a lot together,” she said.

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It is worth noting that Kenedi is not the only celebrity in her family. To give you a little background, Kenedi is the second oldest out of six kids. She also claimed that most of her family members are into sports, and she is the only musician. 

After fans learned he was a prominent football coach, Kenedi Anderson’s dad was also a revelation. Kenedi’s father, Justin Anderson, has worked as a coach at the University of Virginia and East Carolina. Due to his work, the Anderson family used to move a lot. “I’ve never been in one place for a very long time. I have been moving basically my whole life,” Kenedi stated.

Now, let’s learn more about Kenedi Anderson’s big family.

Justin Anderson

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Kenedi Anderson’s father is a professional college football coach and former player. Kenedi may have been trying to hide his identity, but the proud father would have none of it. During Kenedi’s time on American Idol, Justin Anderson took to Twitter to express how proud he was of his daughter getting a platinum ticket during the audition.

Justin Anderson began his college career at Ricks (Idaho) College before playing wide receiver at BYU (Brigham Young University) in Utah from 2000 to 2002. During his brief playing career, he was a member of the 2001 Mountain West Conference champion team that played in the Liberty Bowl.

In 2008, Justin started as a coaching intern for the Cougar football program. From 2010 to 2015, he served as coordinator and NFL liaison as an assistant coach at Nicholls State, an FCS member. In his third season with the Colonels, he was promoted to assistant head coach; subsequently, he was director of player personnel at Virginia, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Anne Anderson

Kenedi’s mom, Anne Anderson, was the one who was with her during her American Idol audition. Though little is known about her, we can all agree that she supports her daughter.

Kenedi Anderson also thanked her parents, who reassured her throughout the competition. She posted an Instagram story in February 2021 stating how her mom and dad, who guided her, were’ good Christlike’ examples.

Dakota Anderson

Dakota is the eldest of six siblings. She lives in her father’s home state and attends Utah State University. She also frequently features on Kenedi’s Instagram, whether they have fun with their other sister, playing mini golf, or just relaxing in their daily lives.

Rubee Anderson

Rubee is a fitness model with an Instagram page, sharing pictures of her athleisure clothing and workout regimens. The singer frequently refers to Rubee as “Boobie” and posts pictures of the two hanging out together, whether they’re taking selfies, eating smoothies, or dressing to the nines.

Peyton Anderson

Peyton is the youngest sister among six children. Kenedi would often dot her and post photos of them together. In February 2021, Kenedi posted a throwback picture of her with Peyton to honor her youngest sister’s birthday.

Jackson Anderson

Kenedi would often be seen grinning with her younger brother, Jackson. In April 2020, during Jackson’s birthday, Kenedi posted a photo with the caption, “Keep making everyone laugh Jack.”

Jayce Anderson

Although not much is known about Jayce, Kenedi’s other brother, he is seen in the numerous family portraits she shared on social media.

Kenedi Anderson’s big family is packed with good genes, from her dad to the youngest sibling. You can see they will grow up amazing, just like their older sister, who pursued her dream of being an artist. Though it might not be musically related, one can easily see why the other siblings will be successful too. 

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