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Johnny Depp’s Lovers: Meet All The Women That Got Entangled With Captain Jack Sparrow

From the ’80s until today, Johnny Depp’s lovers remain in a league of their own. Let’s meet them one by one. 

Lori Allison (1983 – 1985)

Johnny Depp met Lori Allison through the band The Kids that he started after he dropped out of high school. That is, Allison was the sister of their bassist. When the band moved to LA, they eventually went their separate ways, but Depp and Allison decided to stay together. 

The couple got married in South Florida in 1983, but it was short-lived. In two years, the two were out and divorced. In their official papers, they cited irreconcilable differences as the reason, but they parted on good terms. 

Alison even kept his last name. Aside from that, she also defended Johnny during his highly-publicized trial, stating that he was one of the softest people she had ever known.

People (including you) might not have heard her name if it wasn’t for her association with the actor (they were over before he even became famous). However, her connections actually led Depp to his big break in Hollywood. 

Her friendship with Nicolas Cage allowed Depp to audition for the 1984 horror classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” He landed the role and jumpstarted his career in acting. 

Sherilyn Fenn (1985 – 1989)

Not long after Johnny divorced Allison, he started dating the iconic Twin Peaks star and her generation’s top beauty, Sherilyn Fenn. The two first got to know each other on the set of the 1985 student film “Dummies.” According to Fenn, he was her first love. They went out for two-and-a-half years when they were just starting out in the business, and he was very sweet. 

She added, “I had found real love. It was with someone who was walking the same path, but even if he wasn’t, the love and the connection was strong enough –- cooking meals, hanging out, laughing and crying.” 

They got engaged but parted ways in 1989. Neither of them commented on the reason behind their split. Nevertheless, just like Allison, she defended Depp during his controversial trial. There were also times that she would post throwback photos and affectionately recall their moments together. 

Jennifer Grey (1989)

When he and Fenn didn’t work out, Depp made his move forward with ’80s film icon and Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Grey. Like Depp, Grey had just gotten out of a relationship with her fellow “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” costar Matthew Broderick. 

The two met via Grey’s agent, who introduced him to her. In her memoir Out of the Corner, Grey recounted meeting Depp. She wrote, “If a mirage could have been a person in the summer of 1988, that mirage would have been Johnny Depp.” 

Depp was into her as well. In fact, he was so into her that he asked her to marry him just two weeks into their relationship. (She said yes.) 

Sadly, their relationship didn’t even make it to their first anniversary. Grey broke up with him through a note she left in his hotel room nine months into their engagement. 

Winona Ryder (1989 – 1993)

Depp entered another relationship after Grey broke up with him. It was quite a controversial one because not only did they have a nine-year age gap, but she was also barely 18. That said, it was also easily one of his most iconic relationships until now. 

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder (a young rising star then) didn’t exchange any words when they made the acquaintance at the premiere of the 1989 film “Great Balls of Fire!” Their locked gazes were enough to know they were definitely into each other. When they met again at Depp’s hotel, that silence became an invitation to a first date. 

After that, everything between Depp and Ryder went by so quickly. They got engaged and were even set to marry. 

Unfortunately, things ultimately didn’t work out between them, and they had to go their separate ways. Ryder confessed that Depp was her ‘first real heartbreak’ and that their breakup greatly impacted her. 

Even though they didn’t get their happily-ever-after, their relationship is immortalized. Depp had “Winona Forever” (now “Wino Forever”) inked on him. Ryder didn’t have one on her, but she showed her regard for her past lover by standing up with him and defending him against abuse allegations. 

Juliette Lewis (1993)

Depp’s romance with Lewis was his shortest relationship at this point. They met on the set of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” with Lewis fresh out of her engagement with Brad Pitt, and struck up a relationship. 

Sadly, it was over as soon as it started. After their brief stint, Depp was rumored to have dated German model Tatjana Patitz. 

Ellen Barkin (1994)

One could say that Depp had a change in tactic when it came to dating when he found a new girlfriend with Ellen Barkin. As opposed to Ryder’s case, Barkin was the older one in the relationship – she was 39, and Depp was 30. 

Not only that, but the actress, known for her breakthrough role in the 1982 film “Diner,” was just recently divorced when she started dating Depp. 

Many say Depp was just a rebound, a temporary fix to nurse Barkin’s broken heart. And that was fortified when they broke up the same year. Even though that was the case, their relationship was relatively quiet. It didn’t grab as many headlines as Depp’s previous ones. And when it ended, it didn’t make as much noise as well. 

Then in 2022, Barkin’s name was once again associated with Depp. That is because she testified in his defamation trial against Amber Heard. Unlike the others, she testified against him, saying he was drunk most of the time and jealous and controlling. 

She also cited an incident that happened in a Las Vegas hotel room while they were shooting “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” where he threw a wine bottle across the room. 

Kate Moss (1994 – 1997)

Johnny Depp and British supermodel Kate Moss met in New York’s Cafe Tabac, with celebrity columnist George Wayne taking credit for introducing the pair. For Moss, it was love at first sight. She even said that she knew from the first moment they talked that they would end up together. She was right, and it didn’t even take long for it to happen. 

They became the “it couple” of the 90s, and everyone was invested in them. Sadly, as their respective careers progressed, their relationship took a hit. They ultimately called it quits in 1997 after three years together and a rumored engagement. 

In an interview with Depp a year after their breakup, he said it was his fault that their relationship ended. He admitted that he was difficult to get on with, let work get in the way, and didn’t give her the attention she deserved. 

Moss also shared years later that she cried long after they broke up. She said, “There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said. Like if I said, ‘What do I do?’ he’d tell me. And that’s what I missed when I left. I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust.”

Moss was also called to the stand during Depp’s defamation trial, and she testified that Depp had never laid hands on her. She also said that she didn’t get pushed down by him down a flight of stairs, as opposed to what the rumors have long been saying. 

Vanessa Paradis (1998 – 2012)

After several failed relationships, Depp finally found his footing in love with French actress, singer, and supermodel Vanessa Paradis. It was his longest relationship – 14 years – and one of his lowkey ones as they decided to settle down in France, where they could exist without the pressure of public scrutiny. 

The two met a few times over the past few years, but it wasn’t until 1998, during the filming of Depp’s movie “The Ninth Gate” in France, that they finally connected. At that moment, the stars aligned for them. 

They were in the same world (Paris) and free, so they wasted no time. A year into dating, they welcomed their daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, now the star of the HBO series “The Idol.” Three years later, they had their son. 

The two never got married, and according to Paradis, it was a topic that seldom reached the table. Their relationship setup was very different from Depp’s past relationships. 

That is because both respected each other’s space to be present for themselves and grow in their career. Unfortunately, things came to an end in 2012. The two didn’t share specifics about what really went down and just simply hinted that it had already been a bumpy road for a few years.

Paradis also showed support for Depp during his highly-publicized defamation trial against Amber Heard. 

Amber Heard (2012 – 2016)

After Depp’s 14-year relationship with Paradis ended, he started secretly dating actress Amber Heard. 

Depp and Heard first crossed paths in their 2011 drama The Rum Diary. While they were still linked to other people at the time (Depp was still with Paradis while Heard was dating photographer Tasya van Ree), they already felt undeniable chemistry between them. When Depp and Paradis officially ended their relationship in 2012, the actor dated Heard. 

Two years later, they got engaged. For his proposal, Depp gave Heard a five-carat diamond ring worth a hundred thousand dollars. Then, after a year of engagement, the couple got married. 

Unfortunately for Depp, just like all his past relationships, the marriage came to an end. In 2016 Amber Heard filed for divorce and asked for a seven million dollar settlement. 

However, the divorce wasn’t the end, as Heard sued Depp for physical and emotional abuse that same year. These allegations damaged Johnny greatly, and he lost most of his Hollywood contracts, including his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Then in 2019, Depp filed a defamation case against Heard, asking for 50 million dollars claiming for her 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post. Amber Heard countersued and asked for 100 million dollars in compensation.

The trial was televised and highly publicized, to the point that it was what everyone was talking about. 

On June 1, 2022, the court announced its verdict. Heard was awarded 2 million dollars out of her 100 million dollar claim for compensatory damages and 0 dollars for punitive damages. Depp was found liable in one of the three defamation matters. 

As for Depp’s lawsuit against Heard, she was found guilty in all three matters of defamation raised. The court awarded Depp 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and another 5 million in punitive damages. However, it was reduced to 350,000 dollars per state limit. Depp donated the funds to charity. 

Joelle Rich (2022)

In an article published by Us, Johnny Depp was reportedly seeing his lawyer Joelle Rich who represented him in his libel suit against The Sun in the UK. 

According to their source, Depp and Rich’s chemistry is off the charts, and things are serious between them. Rich was also spotted in the courtroom during Depp’s defamation trial against Heard. “There was no professional obligation for her to be there. It was personal.”

So, there you have it, that’s a wrap on Johnny Depp’s lovers’ list! 

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