Jupiter Iris French’s Baby Photo Album You Should Check Out!

Jupiter Iris French’s Baby Photo Album You Should Check Out!
Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French's Daughter Jupiter's Baby Album

In 2021, star Ashley Tisdale and partner Christopher French welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Jupiter Iris French. As new parents, the stars tried to keep their child’s face away from the public as much as possible. They only shared some snaps of Jupiter’s toys and nursery room during the first few weeks after Jupiter’s arrival. 

However, two months after their arrival, fans were shocked to see when the new parents finally shared a series of cute pictures of their cute baby girl. According to reports, Tisdale and French have documented their daughter’s life daily. 

Knowing that parenthood is indeed challenging to many, the couple decided to share their journey with everyone by compiling their daughter’s pictures since day one, showing the world that despite the hardship, they come across as parents, which is still undeniably fulfilling. 

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In a post that Tisdale shared on Instagram during Mother’s Day, she shared pictures in an album showcasing her daughter Jupiter’s cute and bubbly smile. Some say the album celebrates their journey as new parents, showcasing the special moments they shared with their daughter.

In the said post, she expressed that becoming a mother is something that not all people can do. No one would truly know how hard it is until they become one. As a result, now that she has already experienced becoming one, she sees every mother as a goddess and superhero, doing their best for their loved ones. 

On top of that, in the same post, she added that since Jupiter arrived, every day seems like a blessing to her. She looks forward to spending the rest of her life caring for her growing small family. 

When Did Ashley Tisdale Announce Her Pregnancy?

As the COVID-19 pandemic lay low, Tisdale shared exciting news to her fans on Instagram. Around September 2020, just six years after tying the knot with French, the “High School Musical Star” finally announced the upcoming arrival of their first baby.

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A few months after their announcement, the couple arranged a gender reveal event where they cut into a pink cake, indicating they were having a baby girl. During her pregnancy, Tisdale can’t help but feel extremely happy as she has a husband who is on the same page as her.

Although it took them a couple of years before they started their own family, Tisdale can’t help but feel so lucky that she has found a partner like French, who will tirelessly care for her day and night. 

Why Did It Took Them Six Years to Build a Family of Their Own?

In an interview, Tisdale explained why she and French decided to build a family six years after they tied the knot. According to her, as a couple, they had already made it clear that they wanted to have a child when they thought it was already time for them to do so. 

Although it took them years, Tisdale already knew they would eventually reach such a point that she definitely has that motherly side, especially with how she treats her dogs. 

Pregnancy Was Exhausting But Definitely Fulfilling!

In an interview, Tisdale went on to express that pregnancy was truly “physically exhausting.” But, in the end, all those pain and hardships she has gone through, those late-night back pains and cramps, all paid off.

That’s because immediately after she saw her daughter’s face for the first time, all those painful experiences suddenly went away. 

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Since her daughter’s arrival, Tisdale has documented their day-to-day journey as new parents. So, if you want to see more of her beautiful angel, scroll down. 

We’ve got all of Tisdale’s first child’s sweetest shots, from adorable outfit glimpses of their everyday life to some of Jupiter’s cutest Halloween costumes. 

First Online Pics: Baby Looks Like Momma!

Since both Tisdale and French have kept their daughter’s face private and away from the media for the first two months since her birth, fans can’t help but get excited when the stars finally shared a photo album showcasing baby Jupiter’s cute smile and endearing gaze. 

Eye Catching Baby!

A few weeks after Tisdale bombarded her fans with some baby pictures, she again shared with everyone yet another cute and eye-catching snap of her baby Jupiter, wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, perfectly fit for her cute little face. 

Sleepover with Pup!

It seems like Tisdale can’t control her feelings seeing how cute her baby and puppy are sleeping next to each other, so she also shares it with her fans. 

A Quick Snap for The Gram

If you think Tisdale would ever stop sharing pics of her cute little munchkin, you’re wrong! She once again shared a cute snap of her baby Jupiter, looking all sassy and ready for the gram while wearing none other than Balenciaga items. 

Daddy’s Little Princess

For Father’s Day in 2021, Tisdale greeted her loving husband, the happiest day ever, while sharing some of French’s and Jupiter’s cute father-and-daughter moments with the fans. 

A Weekend Full of Fun

Like any other mom, Tisdale’s weekends are more colorful now that her little ball of happiness has finally arrived. 

A Proud Momma!

Tisdale can’t help contain her happiness as she sees her daughter growing daily. In a post she shared on Instagram, she stated feeling pure happiness as she watched baby Jupiter do things for the first time. 

It’s A Sunday Funday!

Baby Jupiter looks stunningly cute looking at the camera while surrounded by cute pink and white balloons during her Sunday play day. 

Looking Cute in Her PJ

Jupiter is snapped, looking cute in her moon PJs, smiling from every angle. Fans can’t help but be in awe of her undeniably chubby baby cheeks. 

First Halloween Costume

For their first Halloween as a family, the couple decided to dress Jupiter up in a cute and eye-catching costume. They shared the cute snaps on Instagram with a caption that said, “Let the wild rumpus start! Happy Halloween from Max and the Wild Things 👑”.

“I Love Flowers,” Says The Baby

If you think you’ve already had enough of Jupiter’s cuteness? Then think again, as this baby will surely make you fall in love every single time. 

A Lovable Trio

During baby Jupiter’s music class, the whole family took some pics together, capturing one of the best memories of their lives. 

Thanksgiving Day!

It seems like Tisdale and French’s Thanksgiving has become even more colorful, as they can now celebrate it with such a bubbly little nugget. 

These photo albums are just a few that Tisdale has shared on her Instagram. But one thing is certain: these albums are a tribute to the love and bond that Tisdale, French, and their baby Jupiter Iris French share as a family. So, if you want to see more of their happy moments, you can follow @ashleytisdale on Instagram. 

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