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All About Joe Burrow’s Parents, Jim Burrow and Robin Burrow

Most football fans around the globe probably know who Joe Burrow is. As his popularity grew through the years, his fans couldn’t help but get interested in knowing more about his personal life, such as learning who his parents were. That is why, if you want to know more about Joe Burrow’s parents, Jim Burrow (also known as Jimmy Burrow) and Robin Burrow, scroll down as we have everything covered!

Who Is Jimmy and Robin Burrow?

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According to reports, before Joe Burrow became the man he is today, a known Heisman Trophy winner or the star quarterback for the renowned Cincinnati Bengals, he was once a little boy living with his loving parents in Ohio. 

Growing up, Joe had never felt unloved by his parents; they even pushed him to follow his passion for sports. As years passed by, Joe’s parents, Jim and Robin, have continually supported their son on his journey to success. Although it wasn’t easy, with his parents by his side, Joe reached any goal he wanted. 

Just like his son, it seems like Joe’s father, Jim, was also a known NFL player and retired coach. Jim has also made a name for himself while in the field. That’s why when his son stated that he also wanted to join the sports industry, Jim didn’t hesitate to teach him how to be an athlete. 

On the other hand, Joe’s mother, Robin, has supported his son since the beginning. Before the announcement of Joe’s first Super Bowl appearance with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022, Robin, as a proud mom, stated in an interview that she is so full of joy and happiness that her son is slowly reaching his dreams. 

Despite any losses Joe faces in his career, his parents are undeniably proud of him, no matter what. 

Who Is Joe Burrow? His Career and Personal Life

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Joe Burrow is a known professional football player who has played as a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was born in Ames, Lowa, in 1996. Growing up, he was already used to playing sports, considering he had a former football player dad. 

Ever since he was young, he was already engaging in various sports like football and soccer. While attending high school at Athens High School, Ohio, from 2011 to 2014, Burrow made history for leading the school to seven playoff wins, causing him to be one of the most-known players in the school’s history. 

After High School, he then went on to enroll at Ohio State University to study for a degree in consumer and family financial services. While at the university, he played ten games for the university’s football team. 

Although he did have a great time playing for the team, Burrow decided to finally transfer schools after he realized that his fellow teammate Dwayne Haskins was picked to be the school’s starting quarterback. He went on to transfer to LSU, where his fruitful career into becoming an NFL superstar started. 

Jim Burrow’s Football Career

It seems like playing football is already something that runs through the veins of the Burrows, as Joe’s dad is also a known NFL player whose career is said to have lasted for about 40 years. Jim is a former defensive back for both the CFL and NFL and has retired from the industry as a college football coach. 

Just like his son, Jim has also made a name for himself in the industry, and even after his retirement, he is still known by many football enthusiasts. It’s safe to say that Jim has somehow influenced Joe’s development as a quarterback. That’s because he also had long experience in the field, causing him to be able to teach his son some of the must-knows while playing. 

Robin, Being Such a Great and Supportive Mom!

Robin has always supported her son for years despite her busy schedule as a principal of Eastern Elementary School in Appalachian Meigs County, Ohio. Even though she had to take care of other people’s kids daily as part of her duty as a principal, she always guided her son to success no matter what. 

Aside from being a principal and a supermom, according to reports, Robin is also a board member of the Appalachian Children’s Coalition. This reputable organization advocates for serving kids in the said region. 

However, it seems like aside from a career in education, Robin has also worked in the fashion industry as well. Since that particular work needed her to travel a lot, she decided to get out of the field as she and Jim finally decided to settle down for good as a couple. 

As they eventually grew their family to where it is now, Robin has never stopped supporting her husband and kids through their journey to achieving their goals in life. There was even one report that says Robin drove miles just to do Joe’s laundry when he was in college. It’s so her son could just focus on training and becoming a successful football player, which he is today.

As a result, many football fans have admired how she balances being a mother to three boys and a coach’s wife all at once, which is tiring considering she is also a working mom. The admiration she has for being a mother is just commendable and is something that should be looked up to. 

Burrow’s Closeness Is Top-Notch

Despite their busy schedule, the family of Burrows is known to have a close-knit relationship with each other, as their never-ending support is admirable. Aside from that, it seems like the family also loved extending their help to others. They launched an eponymous foundation to reduce food insecurity and support children’s mental and behavioral health.

These just show that both Jim Burrow and Robin Burrow have succeeded in ensuring they have raised such wonderful and kind kids who are unafraid to share their blessings with those in need. 

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