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Fox News’ Kat Timpf and Cameron Friscia are Now Husband and Wife!

It’s official! Fox News’ Kat Timpf can finally call Cameron Friscia her husband. Before getting married, Kat and Cameron dated each other for a long time. They also kept their relationship low-key and away from the media.

Who is Kat Timpf and Cameron Friscia?

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Kat Timpf is a FOX News Channel (FNC) analyst. She began working for the network in 2015 and frequently participates in panel discussions on FNC’s late-night show, Gutfeld. 

Kat Timpf earned a B.A. in English with honors from Hillsdale College, graduating with distinction. She has also done stand-up comedy nationwide, such as at Los Angeles’ The Improv and New York’s Gotham Comedy Club.

Even though Kat is far more well-known, Cameron has some military experience and is an accomplished individual. Friscia obtained his science bachelor’s degree in the United States. 

After attending Military School Following the 9/11 attacks, he enlisted and served as an Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander, Company Executive Officer, and Assistant Operation Officer in the army. He now concentrates primarily on the financial industry.

The Engagement

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Kat has always been a private person regarding her relationships and gave minimal info about her dating life. However, in August 2021, she indirectly revealed her engagement while appearing on The Greg Gutfeld Show. 

At that moment, the presenter gave the camera a glimpse of her engagement ring before swiftly switching to the next subject. On Instagram, Kat posted a joke about the event, saying, “hell froze over.”

A few days later, Timpf shared a cozy picture of the couple on social media, captioning it as “engagement photos are HERE.” It was a mirror selfie of Kat Timpf and her then fiancé, with Kat flaunting her engagement ring while donning an outrageous hat.

Kat Timpf and Cameron Friscia’s Wedding

Kat Timpf and her husband, Cameron Friscia‘s wedding differs from the typical one. Kat Timpf disclosed in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE on Monday that the couple could customize the wedding to their liking. 

For instance, they had a neon sign at the altar saying “Til Death” or walking down the aisle to Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer. The couple also announced their wedding on social media and shared their excitement about the big day.

Many of Kat Timpf and her husband, Cameron’s close friends, and family attended and were present on their special day. Meghan McCain, Kat’s former coworker at Fox News, gave the couple a heartfelt message for their wedding: 

So after such a tough year, it was incredible to be able to finally celebrate her and Cam’s nuptials. I’m so happy for both of them, and of course, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Kat Timpf Talks About Her Struggles

Despite being funny and outgoing, Kat once revealed her illness, personal struggles, and how she was abused because of her work. When Kat Timpf was in her mid-twenties, she had an autoimmune disease that damaged her hair. Kat persisted in addressing the matter and pushing for a better knowledge of autoimmune diseases despite receiving backlash and criticism.

Kat also disclosed that she was once “chewed out, abused” while she was on the way to work. It is not the first time that Kat, who is not well-known for her controversial remarks while on Fox News, has encountered opposition in public. 

The National Review columnist claims that while at a political gathering in Brooklyn, she was also approached by an unnamed male. She was going to talk about criminal justice reform at an event when the man threw a bottle of water on her head. 

Kat was able to overcome it because of her sense of humor. She said, “The one thing that got me through it is finding ways to laugh at it; it takes away the power of the worst things in life.”

Kat Timpf and her husband, Cameron Friscia’s wedding was funky and fun. It properly represents Kat’s personality and occupation as a comedian. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we hoped for nothing but good things in their married life.

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