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Kirstie Alley’s Daughter Gives Tribute on 72nd Birthday of Her Late Mom 

Since her sudden passing due to colon cancer on December 5, 2022, Kirstie Alley’s legacy has been kept alive by her loved ones, especially her daughter Lillie Price Stevenson, who shared a heartwarming message as a tribute during her mother’s supposedly 72nd birthday in 2023. 

Who Is Kirstie Alley?

Born in 1951, Kirstie Alley has made a name in Hollywood for her role in hit shows like The Goldbergs, Flaked, The Middle, and Scream Queens. However, among her most notable ones was her role in the known NBC sitcom series “Cheers,” for which she received an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award.  

Born in the city of Kansas, Alley lived quite a comfortable life, with her parents having their own lumber company. She finished a degree in interior design, which has opened doors for her to make a career in the entertainment industry. 

Compared to other starting actresses, Alley landed the jackpot when she was cast as one of the main cast for “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” as her debut film in 1982. Her role in the hit movie resulted in her gaining fame overnight. Although she didn’t reprise the role in the following sequels, she nonetheless already built a reputation that caused her to land more major roles in the coming years. 

Kirstie Alley’s Family Life 

Before starting her career in the entertainment industry, she was initially married to her high school sweetheart, Bob Alley. However, in 1977, the couple ended their almost six-year marriage for unspecified reasons. 

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A few years later, the star found love again when she met Parker Stevenson, also a professionally known actor for his roles in series like Baywatch and Frank Hardy. The couple tried to build a family of their own but unexpectedly faced some challenges along the way, eventually resulting in them adopting a daughter named Lillie and a son named William True. 

Although their relationship started off well at first, it eventually ended in 1997, with the reason not revealed to the public. 

Kirstie Alley’s Death

In 2022, Kirstie Alley shocked the world when her sudden death was announced publicly. According to some reports, the actress has had severe colon cancer, which was not diagnosed early, as symptoms of such conditions are not noticeable at first. 

As a result, Alley died unexpectedly at age 71, causing everyone close to her, from friends, family, and fans, to mourn due to her sudden passing. 

Lillie Price Stevenson’s Tribute to Her Late Mom

A few months after her passing, Alley’s only daughter, Lillie Price Stevenson, went on to post on Instagram a heartwarming message for her mother’s supposedly 72nd birthday in 2023. 

Alongside a black and white photo of her mom, Lillie went on to keep the spirit of her mother alive. In the said post, the star’s daughter went on to greet her mother a happy birthday, wishing that Alley was still with them to celebrate it with. 

Lillie and William True’s Relationship with Alley

Despite being adopted, Lillie and William never felt as if they needed to force themselves into the family, as Alley has made sure to keep her adopted children feeling at home from the beginning till the end. 

In an interview after Alley’s death was announced, the siblings stated that their mother’s zest and passion for life, her children, grandchildren, and many animals were unparalleled. They have inspired them to live life to the fullest, just as Alley did with hers.

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It just shows that the bond the children have made with Alley is something unbreakable and beautiful. Them sharing the memories they have made with their mother on social media evokes a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the bond between a mother and her children, which everyone can relate to. 

Various Stars Mourn for Kirstie Alley’s Death

Aside from her children, other stars have also extended their condolences for the star’s sudden passing. Some of these are Alley’s former co-stars like John Travolta, who stated that Alley was one of the most special relationships he has ever had in his life. 

On top of that, Alley’s ex-husband, Parker Stevenson, has also paid tribute himself, saying that everyone around her would indeed miss Alley. He has also expressed that he was able to spend years with her and their two incredible children, as he learned so much along the way. 

That said, it is just nice to see everyone in Kirstie Alley’s life, from her daughter, son, family, friends, and fans, celebrate her life by paying tribute to her beautiful journey through the years, even after her death. 

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