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Get To Know Odell Beckham Jr.’s Ex-Girlfriend, Lauren Wood

While Lauren Wood, also popularly known as LoLo, has always been associated with her ex-boyfriend, football wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., she is more than just his ex. She’s a model, a fitness trainer, and an actress rolled into one, and also a proud mom of one. 

Let’s get to know her as a person, as a partner, and as a mom. 


Lauren Wood was born on March 13, 1993, and she made a name for herself at a young age. 

One of the Texas native’s early stints on TV was Nick Cannon’s improv comedy show on MTV, Wild’ n’ Out, from around 2014 until 2016. Years later, in 2023, she appeared on MTV’s comedy series Ridiculousness Season 31, Episode 7, which aired last August 30. 

She chugged some water with Rob and Steelo in “Stayin’ Hydrated,” experienced small-town terror in “Living in Horrorville,” and practiced how to aim well in “Just Miss.” However, her audience may know her more on social media as a fashion and fitness influencer. 

Her Instagram boasts nearly 2 million followers and has steadily grown her community. She has partnered with numerous big fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Hot Miami Styles, Novex, and Pretty Little Thing. She has recently collaborated with Urban Bloom Curl Studio, showing off her gorgeous curls. 

A lot of the comments in her posts after her rumored split with OBJ talked about how the athlete fumbled really hard. It was safe to say fans were all loco over her visual. 

As for her fitness content, she uploads inspirational gym content videos and exercise routines that her followers can easily follow. If you already had your jaw dropped by her face, then that would drop even more with her body. She definitely had it all and could even rival Kim Kardashian, who was reportedly “hanging out” with her ex. 

Lauren Wood as a Partner

As a partner, Wood was nothing but supportive. In February 2020, a few months after they went Instagram official, she joined him on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California, and made their highly-anticipated public debut. She stunned in a simple emerald green dress while OBJ sported an all-white ensemble. 

Then, in November of the same year, the football player got injured and had to undergo ACL surgery – the first time in his career. He was playing for the Cleveland Browns at the time, and he tore his ACL in his left knee. 

Of course, Wood was there with him every step of the way. Following his surgery, she posted a photo of them with OBJ’s mom, with the caption, “YA GIRLS GOTCHU 💕.”

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In 2022, following the Super Bowl, he underwent the procedure for the second time. Thankfully, just like the first, it was successful. 

Aside from being there on his worst days, she was also there beside him on his best moments, cheering him on. In an Instagram post, he said that her strength gave him the courage to keep going because he knew he could get through anything with her by his side and hold it down for him. 

Sadly, though, their relationship has seemingly come to an end. Sources told TMZ in September 2023 that the breakup happened earlier in the year. Coincidentally, in the same month, Wood posted a selfie and a rather cryptic message that read: “Staying present in the moment is the closest you get to trusting the unknown 🗣️,” which fueled the breakup rumors even more. 

As of writing, no official statement has yet been published. Just last March, the athlete made a sweet post for her birthday.

Lauren Wood as a Mom

On November 5, 2021, the ex-couple announced they were pregnant with a photo set from their black-and-white-themed maternity photoshoot. One of the snaps pictured OBJ hugging Wood from behind and gently holding her baby bump. 

The athlete waited for a month before posting the photos so he could upload them just in time for the Christmas season. Then he penned the perfect message: “My gift won’t be wrapped under a tree this year, but I can’t wait to meet You.”

They had their all-white baby shower in January 2022, where they enjoyed some quality time with family and friends. OBJ’s team, the Los Angeles Rams, earned the coveted Super Bowl championship the next month. 

After their victory, the wide receiver went straight to Wood and kissed her baby bump. A few days later, they finally welcomed their baby, Zydyn. 

Wood is one proud mama, often featuring her young son, whom she called her gym partner since the womb, on her Instagram. 

They love enjoying their time together, swimming by the pool, or simply chilling at home. When they’re out and about, they love to match their outfits – like during their first Christmas! For his one-year mark, she wrote a heartfelt message about how he had impacted her life. 

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To her, it was an overstatement to say that she was ready to be a parent, but being Zydyn’s mom made motherhood so easy to fall into. She looked forward to watching him grow, and she loved him infinitely. 

Then, just last October, they embarked on their first Halloween as Jessie and Woody from “Toy Story.” Needless to say, they nailed it.

Of course, OBJ is proud of her, too. He even called Lauren Wood a “dope momma” in his tribute post for her 30th birthday. He said it had been crazy watching her become a dope momma, embracing everything that came with it. 

He also expressed how grateful he and their son were for her and that she was a truly incredible person. Then, he continued saying that all of Lauren Wood’s sacrifices for them were appreciated and never went unnoticed. 

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