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Ms. Juicy Baby Shares Her Health Challenges Post-Hospital Release After Stroke

Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Juicy Baby is recovering after spending time in the hospital for a stroke. After being released, the TV star is doing better and was advised to stay home.

Shirlene King Pearson, known by her stage names Ms. Juicy Baby and Ms. Juicy, is an American reality television and radio personality, actor, executive producer, and talent manager. She also refers to herself as “The Queen of Atlanta” or “The Queen of the ATL.”

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Many were worried after discovering the news and were very thankful as Ms. Juicy Baby posted an update about her situation. The reality star detailed what happened to her in an Instagram video. She said she did not know what happened as the stroke caused brain bleeding and memory loss.

Ms. Juicy Baby also stated that she is still not 100 percent recovered but is still healing and doing her best in this state. She wanted to let her fans know she is doing better despite being in therapy to regain her mobility.

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She also revealed that she needed to stay in the ICU when she was brought to the hospital. She mentioned being fed through a tube and needed to be taught how to swallow again.

“I had to learn how to walk, learn how to talk, learn how to eat, learn how to swallow. A lot of things,” Ms. Juicy Baby stated. She was reminded of how she took even the most straightforward things for granted, like driving or brushing her teeth. She is now in the process of re-learning those things, and she thanks her fans for all the support.

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After announcing the news of her recovery, many “Little Women: Atlanta” fans offered their well-wishes for a fast recovery to Ms. Juicy Baby. Her supporters left comments on the video she posted and expressed their happiness that the TV star is doing well.

Being in the hospital was pretty hard for Ms. Juicy Baby, primarily due to the financial struggles that she needed to go through. However, she overcame all the obstacles through her supporters’ help and was released well. She also hopes to be able to go back to ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ and continue to entertain her fans in the future.

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