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Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler Confirm Their Breakup!

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett confirmed and spoke about their breakup on Instagram. Though the reason they stated was about focusing on their careers and mental health, many do not believe that it’s the real reason for their split.

TikTok celebrities Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett have experienced a lot in their year-long romance. The couple became embroiled in the TikTok issue regarding rumors that their respective breakups with their exes (Mads Lewis and Josh Richards) involved Jaden’s mother, Amy Denaé Hossler.

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However, despite the many times they’ve tried to dispel the speculations, they continue. Sadly, it might be the one reason for their separation this time.

Both Nessa and Jaden were in different relationships before they got together. Nessa was linked to Josh Richards, while Jaden was seeing Mads Lewis. Everything was good until Jaden and Nessa started spending more time together while producing and marketing their song “La Di Die.”

Mads Lewis felt something wasn’t quite right and claimed Nessa was taking Jaden away from her. The tension forced Mads and Jaden to part up, but Josh wasn’t buying Mads’ allegations either. Mads was furious and deleted the majority of their joint photos before posting and removing a montage of images set to Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge.”

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Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett were eventually caught out together by The Hollywood Fix. While neither Nessa nor Jaden denied being in a relationship then, they did affirm to the media that their current state of happiness is the best it has ever been.

After confirming their breakup, Nessa Barrett had an interview where she talked about Jaden Hossler and their relationship. She said that she did not regret any of it and that they experienced terrific things together. Many of their fans were devastated about the news, but others still thought it was a PR stunt to increase followers.

During the interview, Nessa also stated the reason for their break up. While together, people said many things about them, mostly not very good.

Since their relationship was surrounded by many rumors, including the love triangle involvement of their exes, the two of them had struggled a lot. “It was an us against the world type thing, and that got hard when we were both struggling personally,” Nessa stated.

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The influencer split became huge on the internet, primarily because of their massive followings on social media. Though it did not seem to affect their careers negatively, many still anticipate how the web will react since many still believe that it’s still a stunt for clout. They certainly became more relevant and searched on every platform due to their break up.

There’s no doubt that the breakup between Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler pained a lot of fans. However, it seems like the two have very good reasons to call it quits after it was revealed that they decided to focus on their career, and who knows, they might rekindle their love in the future after they established their careers as influences. We’ll have to hold off and see.

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