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The Reason Why The Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea Has Stopped Posting Her Son, Onyx Kelly

Social media can be an unforgivable outlet for people. It is wise to be careful of what you post and to value privacy so that people can’t abuse you or your loved ones online. 

Sure, every parent has that moment where they want to publicly gush about their kid so other people can see how cute they are. Sadly, it didn’t turn out that way for the Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea, as things went the opposite for her.  

The Birth of Onyx Kelly

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The fans were curious about the whereabouts of Iggy when she suddenly disappeared from the public eye after she filmed her Lola music video. Fans were getting suspicious as she had what looked to have a slight baby bump in the video.

While her pregnancy was initially hidden, rumors eventually started spreading about her being pregnant. When she eventually revealed her pregnancy, fans were still amazed at how well she kept everyone out of the light about it. 

Onyx Kelly would be the child between Iggy Azalea and American rapper and ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti. She would shock the public by revealing her pregnancy a couple of months before she conceived.

In her Instagram story, she clarified that she wasn’t hiding anything. It would ultimately shock the world as Iggy would reveal that she was waiting for the right time to admit that she was now a mother and wanted to keep her child’s life private.

The star would also have a series of pictures taken during her pregnancy. One of the candid pictures was Iggy Azalea wearing a purple one-piece while sporting her pregnant bump. However, the picture didn’t get revealed until after the big announcement.

The images of Iggy Azalea during her pregnancy would prove that she can still look fabulous despite being pregnant. At the same time, it foreshadowed how much of a supermom she would become for her little boy.

So Why Did Iggy Azalea Stopped Posting About Her Son?

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When the rapper wanted to reveal a picture of her son, it was mocked and ridiculed. Someone online started to make fun of a photo of Onyx where he was wearing a dinosaur costume. Of course, it resulted in his mother clapping back, clearly disappointed at the audacity of some people to bully a child. 

The backlash continued until Iggy had enough and announced that she would no longer be posting about her son. As the Australian rapper would express her thoughts in the tweet that said: 

“I’ve decided I won’t be posting about Onyx or sharing images online anymore.” she would end the tweet with, “Y’all not out here playing with my baby on my watch, nope.”

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Eventually, people started to speculate that the prime haters of Onyx were the fans of Playboi Carti. Iggy would go on a rant clarifying to the audience that her son is not a sub-brand for his father’s fans just because they don’t favor her. She also ended up making a big deal of the public’s hate over what her son wore.

Despite Onyx Kelly’s parents breaking up sometime in 2020, Iggy says that their child is loved by both her and her ex. Iggy would release a follow-up statement, telling the public that she and Carti would smack the person who had bashed their child online. That shows that they care about their son despite the two not being together anymore.

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