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Ryan Shawhughes and Ethan Hawke: The Story Behind Their Love

Ethan Hawke is a familiar name in the Hollywood scene. He would actively show commitment to his roles and take them very seriously, and he has one of the longest-standing careers in the Hollywood scene. He starred in several movies, memorable films like “Boyhood,” “Dead Poet Society,” “The Before trilogy,” “Training Day,” and many others. He would eventually act in one of Marvel’s television shows in 2022, “Moonknight.” He would be known for his versatility as an actor, writer, and film director. He has also performed on Broadway shows at some point. 

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So the question is, How did Ethan Hawke meet Ryan Shawhughes? 

Well, in a series of unexpected events, the public was shocked by the fact that Ethan revealed that the pair would meet when Ryan started working as the nanny for Levon and Maya Hawke, the kids Ethan had with his ex-wife, Uma Thurman.

Although, their romance didn’t start there. In fact, the two were surrounded by the controversy of rumors that accused Ethan of cheating with Ryan, which led to his divorce. He claims that infidelity in a relationship is an insignificant concept in relationships and that he and Uma underwent their separation due to other pressures that they had during the seven years that they were married.

 Those rumors would be debunked after Ethan revealed what went on behind the scenes.

Shortly after they met, Ryan Shawhughes went to pursue her studies and graduated from Columbia University while Ethan started to undergo his messy divorce with Uma Thurman.

After he split with his ex-wife, the two met on one fateful day in the park as they both immediately felt a connection, and their relationship developed there from then on. It was a long time after Ethan employed Ryan, a long enough time to meet again and start anew. Ethan wasn’t private when their relationship started as he endlessly flaunted and gushed over his now wife while he was still courting her, but the courtship ended in 2007 when Ryan was found to be pregnant. The couple married in New York City with a private and small wedding ceremony in 2008. Shortly after that, Ryan gave birth to their first child together, Clementine Jane Hawke. The couple shares two daughters, Clementine and Indiana Hawke, and they now reside in New York.

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Ethan’s relationship with his first wife, Uma Thurman, is not the best. That’s why he promises that he will make his second marriage with Ryan Shawhughes better than his first. He claims that the separation from Uma would eventually give him time to reflect and learn more about himself. 

Ryan Shawhughes has a successful career herself. After finishing her degree at Columbia University, she has been involved in several projects of Ethan. Ryan would be his co-star in one of Ethan’s most successful films and the film he would be most recognized from, Boyhood, a coming–of–age story. She eventually became the vice president of Ethan’s production company, which is called Under The Influence Production Corp. The two are always working on projects together. They would be considered as business partners in the entertainment industry as Ryan is always involved in Ethan’s projects, being his trustworthy right-hand woman. 

The two would always be seen together as Ryan always accompanies her husband every time. She shows her undeniable support in her husband’s career, as she never misses a red-carpet appearance as long as she is with her husband. The two would make their first appearance as a couple on the red carpet on September 8, 2009, when they were at the premiere of another movie Hawke was cast in, Brooklyn’s Finest, at the 66th Venice film festival in Italy. She recently would also be seen at Ethan Hawke’s debut in Marvel, as he stars in Moonknight, a show which Ethan mentioned as the first project he had that got his daughters to be interested in his work.

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Ryan has always had a heart and a passion for charity work, and she is a board director in multiple charities together with Ethan Hawke. They would donate and be active in multiple charities, notably Engender Health, soccer without borders, and the Alex fund, three of which she is a part of their board of directors. Films and screenplays aren’t the only things the couple commonly share; they also share a passion for helping those in need. They participated in the Doe Fund’s New York City charity marathon in 2015, with the organization’s leading cause being to help the homeless and drug addicts.

 Although Ryan Shawhughes had been a recognizable name at first because she is the spouse of an actor with one of the longest careers in Hollywood, she would eventually prove that she is more than that. She would also have a career in the entertainment industry as she would become an actress herself. She would gain more popularity in her roles in “The Hottest State,” and eventually a producer in multiple films, which was “First Reformed” and “Blaze,” which is a biographical drama film written and directed by Hawke about the life of an American Country musician, Blaze Foley. She and her husband would be seen as an unstoppable duo as they work together. She subsequently produced an Emmy-awarded series called “The Good Lord Bird.”

However, Ryan and Ethan would be married for a decade right now. So far, their relationship has been smooth sailing, as Ethan claims that Ryan has been a good mother and stepmother to all of his kids. Indiana and Clementine Hawke would be seen on Ethan’s Instagram as he shares his moments with his daughters. He would also be open and actively speaks to the fact that being an actor and a dad is a hard job, but thanks to his wife, Ryan, the two have found themselves in a new challenge to work on together, parenthood.

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