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’90 Day Fiancé’ Angela and Michael’s Relationship On The Rocks After Infidelity Issues Resurfaced On Tell-All Episode

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ spinoff Happily Ever After? Season 7 isn’t having any drama drought, especially during its Tell-All: No Limits episode when Angela and Michael’s relationship issues were pushed to the front row. It turned out that Michael was caught cheating on Angela again

If you have been following their journey on the show, Angela first appeared in 2018 on the ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Season 2 when she was preparing to meet Michael, a Nigerian man 20 years younger than her, who messaged her on Facebook. 

The two committed to a long-distance relationship, calling each other 20 to 30 times daily. The couple hit a major roadblock after Michael admitted that he cheated on Angela with a local woman. But she forgave him, and they got engaged and eventually married in January 2020 in Nigeria. Once she got home in her home state, Georgia, she filed for Michael’s K-1 visa.

The couple then appeared in another spinoff, Happily Ever After?, where viewers could follow their lives after the “I Do’s.” And as it turned out, they were in for a hell of a rollercoaster ride. 

The Reveal

’90 Day Fiancé’ spinoff Happily Ever After?’ started 2023 off with a very hot ‘Tell All’ episode, which didn’t disappoint viewers. The episode was cut into four parts and aired from January 1st until the 22nd. 

First, let’s rewind to a few episodes ago: According to Angela’s friend Sydney, Michael had been cheating on her for two months with an Instagram woman. Michael created an account on the platform behind Angela’s back, as she was already against it due to his cheating history. When Angela found out, Michael made an excuse about wanting to become an influencer and earn money. 

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Of course, the allegations were backed up with receipts. One voice note was an invitation to spend Valentine’s Day with him in Nigeria. Then there was another one where he asked the woman to trust him. 

He added, “I have some money coming to your side. I will let you know, OK? I will call you, please. I love you, and I miss you.” Now, as if that wasn’t enough, Michael even ended the call with some kissy sounds. He also texted the woman that he wasn’t leaving her and that Angela said she would leave him. 

The Tell-All episodes brought all these things to light. Angela was seen crying after the revelation that Michael’s controversial romantic voice notes were sent to not just any woman but an American woman. He even sent it while he was with Angela and the worst part? He did so while in bed with her. 

Michael didn’t deny the whole thing though this was the first time he did so, leaving Angela shocked. He said, “But she didn’t come. I didn’t send her any money.” He then admitted that what he did was wrong but strongly claimed that he still loved Angela and that nobody could come between them. 

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However, Angela wasn’t having any of it. While she knew Michael did many things, she never expected him to cheat on her. Angela was grief-stricken and said that it wasn’t about if they had sex or not but the fact that he told another woman he loved them. 

During the confessional, she said it broke her heart to hear him say those things to her because that was how he used to talk to her. Ultimately, she felt that she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Even her daughter, Skyla, knew that and was readily waiting for her mom to end the relationship. Before Angela left for New York City for the televised special, Skyla told her, “This man keeps showing you who he is, and you ignore it.” She added that she was no longer trying to be nice to Michael because he wasn’t there for her Mama. He was there for another woman. 

It’s Over…or Not?

After everything had been revealed and confirmed, Angela couldn’t trust him a hundred percent. She also started doubting if Michael had ever loved her. She thought he loved her for everything she had done for him, but she eventually could no longer tell why he was in love with her. 

By the end of the last part of the Tell All episode, Angela announced that divorce was officially on the table. She said that she would definitely file, but that didn’t mean she would sign it. 

Then last January 31st, In Touch broke the news that Angela and Michael were no longer together. The split came three years after their marriage.

While everyone wasn’t surprised even the least bit by the announcement, they were by what happened next. Their breakup didn’t last long at all, and that’s because they were back together in no time. An insider exclusively shared the news with In Touch last March 8th, 2023.

What a freaking rollercoaster ride, right?

If you want the full recap of what happened with Angela and Michael and the rest of the ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ cast, you can stream it on the TLC website. You can also check out the cut clips of the Tell All episode below.

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