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’90 Day Fiancé’ Ed Brown and Liz Woods Are Back On Again For The 12th Time

Another day, another shocking happening for the 90 Day Fiancé universe, and the stars of today’s session are Ed Brown and Liz Woods from Happily Ever After. This spinoff series follows the 90-Day couples after saying “I Do,” and we kid you not, it’s a rollercoaster of drama that never seems to have an end. 

Let’s Take a Quick Rewind From the Start

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Big Ed and Liz got introduced to each other on the first season of 90 Day: The Single Life. Ed was at his favorite local restaurant in San Diego, where Liz worked as a manager. The two hit it off, and Ed didn’t waste any time asking her out on a date. 

However, their relationship was too quick and too rushed that it ultimately failed to work out. Then, when the Tell-All episode came, the two confirmed that they had already broken up. 

Ed then returned on the second season of 90 Day: The Single Life, and as single men do, he dated. His friend Laura even set him up with her childhood pal Kaory, and he traveled to Mexico to meet her. 

Unfortunately, their personalities and life goals were incompatible, and Ed returned home to San Diego. As if his failed love life wasn’t enough tragedy, his dog Teddy died after he got home. Liz reached out to him, and it reignited a spark. 

The couple was spotted later enjoying a night out together in Santa Barbara, California, with Liz wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger. And two months after that, the couple confirmed that they were engaged. 

Happily Ever After?

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90-Day Fiancé Big Ed and Liz appeared on season 7 of the show’s spinoff “Happily Ever After?” documenting their engagement journey. It was an on-off relationship filled with back-to-back drama.

It included Ed’s family opposing their marriage and friends questioning why they got back together. It even showed the couple having major trust issues, which resulted in nasty accusations and fights that almost cost them their engagement. However, they survived all of it. 

Then they greeted New Year with an explosive drama. During the Tell-All episode aired in January 2023, it was revealed that Ed had broken up with Liz and asked her to move out. They were still seeing each other post-split, though not exclusively. 

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only bomb that got dropped. It turned out that Ed had been browsing an Asian dating website and had also reconnected with his ex-girlfriend, Rose Vega. 

The couple called it quits during Part 2 of the four-part Tell-All while the cameras were still rolling. Liz Woods said she ‘was tired of all the lies, deflection and projection’ and had lost respect for him. Ed asked for his ring back, marking their 11th breakup. 

Are Ed and Liz Still Together?

After the messy Tell-All episode filming wrapped in September 2022, it seemed like the two patched all their issues and decided to try again. Well, the 12th time’s the charm, right? 

The couple first hinted at it back in December. Big Ed shared an Instagram reel featuring a series of their romantic photos with the caption, “Rascal Flats said ‘Life is a Highway,’ but it’s been more like a roller coaster. The thing about roller coasters is though … is that they are fun as s—t.” They also appeared to have reconciled with Ed’s mom, with Liz uploading a selfie of them together at a wedding that she attended with Ed. 

Liz also showed off her new engagement ring on Instagram, which officially confirmed they were back together again.

They are still looking strong in 2023, based on a January 14 photo of them holding hands while out and about in Old Town, San Diego, which was captured and posted on Reddit. Ed then shared a series of Instagram posts with Liz. 

The first was a selfie with a caption saying, “Enjoying some R&R…:)” The second was a video of them teasing each other over dinner. And to cap off, he shared an Instagram reel of them happily dancing with each other and ‘living their best lives.’

Liz shared a photo of them cuddling in March on her Instagram story. According to the 90-Day Fiancé alum, she had been sick for three days due to an upper respiratory infection, and Ed had been taking care of her. The couple also welcomed a new member to their family, a brown-furred puppy called Liam, according to a post on Reddit

Fan Reactions

For starters, Ed and Liz don’t have many fans, and a lot have been questioning their entire relationship. The couple first met in 2021 and went through 11 breakups in two years, with 8 of them happening early on. Not to mention that they also broke up twice when they were already engaged.  

Many were also very unhappy with the couple adding another dog when they already have two white Maltese dogs. They claim that the couple should focus on working on their relationship before deciding to expand their family. 

Fans remain skeptical about 90-Day Fiancé Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ relationship. Some say they’d need serious therapy if their storyline weren’t scripted. They also predict that there will be a 12th breakup soon, which wouldn’t be surprising. For now, we just have to stay tuned. 

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