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Billy Bob Thornton and Wife Connie Angland’s Rare Public Appearance

Since they’re known to be entirely private, fans were surprised to see Billy Bob Thornton and his wife, Connie Angland, out together at an event. The couple gave the viewers a treat and came together during the premiere of their latest collaboration, The Gray Man.

The film is the couple’s most recent artistic endeavor, and it’s produced by Connie Angland and stars Billy Bob Thornton as the lead actor. Since the two largely kept their romance private, people were delighted to see them together. 

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The two started dating in 2003. Billy Bob fell in love with Connie, who was a visual effects makeup crew member. Despite stating that he would not get married since “It does not work” for him, he tied the knot with Connie in 2014. 

In the end, they married privately at their home in Los Angeles. As of the writing of this article, they are going strong after almost 17 years of being together, and they are known to be one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. Billy Bob Thornton and his wife, Connie Angland, also have a daughter named Bella, born on September 24, 2004. 

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That said, did you know that Billy Bob had a previous marriage with high-profile actresses before settling down with Connie? One of them is Angelina Jolie. 

When the two got together, Billy Bob was rumored to have been seeing actress Laura Deron. In response to a question about the situation, Laura added that her boyfriend got married while she was working. Billy Bob apologized for what he did, saying, “But it made me happy and somebody else happy. I’m sorry it caused pain.” 

That was the tip of the iceberg of how controversial that relationship was. Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie later faced questions about their 20-year age gap and the questionable things they do in public. 

Returning to Billy Bob and Connie, because of their extreme privacy, Billy Bob Thornton and his spouse continue to draw the public’s attention whenever they are spotted together. Since these occurrences are uncommon, fans cannot resist discussing and exchanging opinions. 

Billy Bob Thornton and wife Connie Angland’s appearance certainly sparked the interest of many people. Fans also anticipate more collaborations from the two and wish to see more of them publicly.

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