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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Honors Shandra Page Edwards In Season 14 Finale

As the end credits for the season 14 finale of ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy rolled in, two important women in the series’ history, Shandra Page Edwards and Suzanne Patmore Gibbs, were given tribute. 

“In Loving Memory Of”

Page Edwards worked as a hairstylist in the production’s hair and makeup department. She started on the show in 2011 and easily became an integral team member. 

She worked on 68 episodes and was promoted to key hairstylist in season 11. Her last running credit was in 2016, according to IMDb. She sadly passed away two years later, in April 2018. 

Actress Ellen Pompeo, who played the lead character Meredith Grey, remembered her in an Instagram post. She talked about how the hairstylist’s light was so bright that every one it touched basked in its glow forever. She wrote, “We will always think of light and love when we remember you, and we will always smile as wide as the ocean.” 

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She then signed off by thanking her for always being their sun and promising to celebrate and never forget her and her life. 

Aside from Page Edwards, the show also honored Patmore Gibbs, a noted TV development executive and Shonda Rhimes’ first champion at ABC Studios. Gibbs died in March 2018 due to complications from a hernia surgery. 

According to series creator Rhimes, Gibbs was the first to say she could write a TV show and fought like hell to give them a chance for Grey’s Anatomy to make it to the airThere was no way that they would be wherever they were without her. That was why she had no words to describe the loss she felt. 

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Showrunner Krista Vernoff also shared with THR that Gibbs had long been a fierce advocate for women before it became popular. 

Shandra Page Edwards and Suzanne Patmore Gibbs not only helped make Grey’s Anatomy one of the most popular and successful shows on TV. Aside from that, Page Edwards also lent her skills and expertise in Parks and Recreation as well as films such as “The Beguiled,” “20th Century Women,” and “Bling Ring.” On the other hand, Gibbs brought Desperate Housewives, The Blacklist, Masters of Sex, and Outlander, which were all received warmly by fans. Their life and their work will forever be remembered. 

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