Jeff Lewis’ Daughter Got Accepted to School After Being Rejected

Jeff Lewis’ Daughter Got Accepted to School After Being Rejected
Jeff Lewis Says Daughter Monroe, 5, Got Accepted into Preschool After Past Denied Application

Finally, Jeff Lewis is happy to announce that his daughter, Monroe Christine, got into a private school like he always wanted. The “Flipping Out” star once opened up about his struggles getting his girl into the school he wanted.

The star said on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live Monday that his daughter Monroe Christine Lewis, whom other preschools had previously turned down, had now been accepted. However, there is one problem: the school is too far from their residence.

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It is roughly a 35-minute drive without traffic, so if you do the maths, it will be around 45 to 60 minutes each way, which Jeff thinks is unsuitable for Monroe. 

Additionally, Jeff mentioned that Gage Edward, his co-parent and ex-partner, is more receptive to Monroe attending a Catholic school like him. For now, though, Jeff is concerned that his daughter’s potential school is “so far from my life.”

Jeff Lewis once revealed that his daughter Monroe had one of her applications to a private school turned down. The announcement followed the discovery that, during a “superspreader” holiday party he threw, Lewis, his employees, and a few of his well-known acquaintances caught COVID-19. 

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Despite not disclosing the exact date of the rejection or directly linking the school’s decision to the media attention, Lewis had received much negative feedback.

On his show, Lewis said that Gage was worried the criticism would hurt Monroe’s chances of getting into any of his “four or five” other private schools. Though different criteria are used to evaluate students who would like to apply for a particular school, it seems like that incident affected Monroe. Most schools consider it a reason to reject her.

Jeff revealed that one school got back to them and said, ‘We know who you are. We know who Monroe is and are not interested in Monroe.” That might have made the family extremely concerned, knowing how much his COVID-19 party affected even his kid’s school application.

Returning to the good news, Jeff is just over the clouds with Monroe getting accepted to school. Despite having the distance issue, Jeff is still optimistic that everything will work out, especially after revealing that Monroe was also waitlisted at one of their prospective schools. 

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Although Jeff and his family had difficulty searching for Monroe’s school, other families could find themselves in a comparable situation. Making sure their child is mentally and physically ready for the application process is one advice that might help parents with trouble with it. 

Though it might not give you a 100% assurance that your kid will pass the application, it can allow them to be more collected, which will surely give you a better shot of getting accepted.

Jeff Lewis is very proud of his daughter after getting accepted to school like any other dad. The application process might have been challenging, but it was worth every sweat and tears.

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