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Things to Know About Josh Allen’s Ex-Girlfriend, Brittany Williams

In 2023, fans of the NFL star Josh Allen were shocked when they found out that the Buffalo Bills quarterback had already called it quits with his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Williams. 

Everyone, not just the football star’s fans, wondered what may have happened between them, ultimately leading them to end their relatively strong relationship. 

Now that the two have officially announced their breakup, netizens have become curious about the NFL quarterback’s ex-girlfriend. So, if you are one of those people, scroll down as we got everything you need to know about Brittany Williams!

Who Is Brittany Williams? 

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Born in 1996, Brittany Williams grew up in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, with her relatively well-off family. At such a young age, Williams was already known for being so bubbly. It is why she was friends with most of her schoolmates in Firebaugh High, where she was able to learn her dancing and acrobatic skills. 

As college came, she enrolled at Fresno State University, where she graduated with a degree in Agriculture Business studies. However, after graduating, Williams didn’t pursue working in agriculture. So, she started to navigate her professional career based on what interested her the most. 

Brittany Williams Career 

As of 2023, Williams is a professional Pilates instructor and fashion influencer. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram as of 2023, Williams has already had the chance to work for brands like Maree, Lumineux, Revolve, Fre, and Alo. 

On the other hand, as a Pilates instructor, Williams established her own online workout platform called Pilates by Britt. On the website, the online personality offers to teach Pilates beginners some low-impact techniques that would lengthen and strengthen their bodies.

The program she offers also assures its consumers that their approach will challenge anyone physically and guide them to better mental health. Aside from her paid platform, Williams also opened up her own Pilates Instagram account called @pilatesby.britt, where she posts some of her workouts quite regularly. 

She and Allen Knew Each Other for Years

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Long before they made things official in 2017, Williams and Allen already knew each other since they were kids. They were neighbors who often visited each other’s homes whenever their families had special gatherings. 

According to reports, they first met during Williams’s brother’s birthday party since Allen was one of the party guests. As soon as she locks her eyes on Allen, she already knows he will be the guy she wants to be with.

However, their romantic relationship didn’t start until they were already in their freshman year of college. As they reunited again after being unable to catch up for quite a while (especially with Allen working on reaching his goals of being part of the big leagues), Allen and Williams tried their best to make things work. Of course, things seemed to have worked well for them as they finally announced their romance in 2017. 

She Is Truly Into Football

Some may say that Williams’s love for football was because Allen influenced her. Little did people know that her family were football lovers long before she and Allen even started dating. 

According to reports, Williams’ dad, Chris Williams, used to play football for the Fresnos in the early 90s. As a linebacker for the university football team, Williams’s dad was able to help the team win the Freedom Bowl championships during that time. 

With that said, with a football athlete dad and an NFL player boyfriend, it is safe to say that Williams did win the game for sure. 

She used to Be a Cheerleader

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Williams was quite an active student in college, joining different organizations like Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and being a Fresno State University cheer team member. 

Her appealing looks and contagious smiles attract many people, so it is no surprise why Williams is such a known figure in the university and the community, even long before she started dating the famous NFL star. 

She Loves Travelling 

Based on her posts on Instagram, Williams is a traveler by heart. As of 2023, she has already visited a couple of countries. Her visits to Rome, Tuscany, and Florence are some of her eye-catching and worthwhile travels. 

Aside from Brittany Williams’s solo travels, she also loves visiting these countries with Josh Allen. In 2018, she and Allen visited Disneyland, which they enjoyed very much. 

A year later, they attended the Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Monaco, where they shared their wonderful experience on Instagram. 

In the said post, Williams stated that Monaco will have her heart forever, as this is one of the most incredible trips she has ever had in her life. 

In the following years, the two decided to travel more together. In 2022, Williams and Allen decided to go horseback riding and explore Jackson Hole in Wyoming during the NFL’s offseason. A few months later, the two were spotted in Hawaii, having a romantic getaway as the 2022 season finally came to an end. 

She and Allen Suddenly Broke Up

Williams and Allen startled their fans after they announced their sudden breakup in early 2023. According to reports, the reason for their sudden breakup was due to Allen’s cheating issues towards the Pilates instructors. 

A few months after their messy breakup, the NFL star has been linked to the global music superstar Hailee Steinfeld, causing fans to believe that the rumors of his cheating might actually turn out to be true after all. 

As the headlines of his cheating issues started to pop out everywhere, the NFL star stated in one of his guestings on the “Pardon My Take” podcast that he is quite blown away by the fact that almost everybody cares about whom he is dating now. 

He also explained that being so pressed about such a thing really gives him this gross feeling, as he and her rumored new girlfriend can’t have any privacy anymore. Although they haven’t confirmed the rumors yet, fans already know that the two just wanted to keep things private for now. 

Although some fans are happy that Allen has found love again, they can’t help but get sad that Williams might be going through a lot right now. That’s because Allen was her childhood sweetheart, whom she adored and supported since they were still kids. 

As of December 2023, neither party has confirmed nor denied the rumors circulating about the reason for their breakup, so fans decided to just move on and heal along with the ex-couple. 

So, for those who want to be updated with Josh Allen and Brittany Williams’s lives apart, you can follow them on Instagram @joshallenqb and @brittwill

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