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Facts You Should Know About Chris Paul’s Wife, Jada Crawley

Since tying the knot in 2011, Chris Paul’s wife, Jada Crawley, has continuously captivated the audience’s hearts with her endearing and joyful personality.

Long before Chris even made it to the big leagues, Jada stayed by his side throughout the initial part of his career. As high school sweethearts, the two have become each other’s support system since day one. 

Based on how Chris describes and praises his wife in interviews, it is safe to say that she is indeed the best wife Chris could ever ask for. 

So, if you want to know more about Jada Crawley’s life, from her upbringing to her married life with Paul, scroll down as we have everything covered for you!

Who Is Jada Crawley?

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Born in 1984, Jada Crawley, known as Jada Paul, grew up in a small state in North Carolina, where she finished her primary and secondary education. After attending high school at Mount Tabor High, she attended Wake Forest University, where she finished a degree in fashion. 

She Is a Fashion Designer and Business Owner

Since graduating college, Jada has been keeping herself busy with fashion-related work. Jada has recently become more associated with philanthropic and community-related support programs. 

However, some sources say that from time to time, the NBA star wife still tries to practice her passion for fashion. Aside from clothes, as of 2023, Jada has also been designing planners, even establishing her own planner business called “curatedbyalexisp.”

How Did Jada and Chris Meet?

According to reports, the couple first met in high school. Although they attended rival schools, their attraction to one another didn’t change. 

So when they finally got the chance to meet again during a basketball game in 2003 at Wake Forest University, they immediately kick-started their relationship. 

In an interview, Jada explained that although she is a year older than Chris, it didn’t stop them from making things work. 

When Did They Get Married?

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After dating for years, the high school sweethearts finally decided to make things official when they finally tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate wedding in 2011, back in their hometown in North Carolina. 

Since the two had already had their first baby two years before their wedding, their son witnessed his parents’ fairytale love story entering yet another chapter. 

During the wedding, the couple also dedicated a sweet message to their son, saying that they never knew it was possible to love someone as much as they love each other until their son came into their lives. 

Since the beginning, the couple has talked well of each other in public. During an interview, Jada expressed that she is thankful she can meet such a loving man like Chris, as their relationship has now drastically progressed into something far more beautiful than before. 

Aside from the fact that Chris is protective, he also serves as Jada’s safe place. On the other hand, in a separate interview, Chris also expressed that he truly loves Jada beyond words. 

Chris said he is lucky to have a loving and supportive wife who has been there through his ups and downs. In one interview Chris did in 2022, he happily expressed his undying support for women’s rights. 

In the said interview, he stated that his wife Jada is literally the one who is running his life, trying to make sure he is doing the right thing in times when he feels drained and lost. That is why, for him, women are indeed strong in many aspects, enough to do anything and everything they want without even the help of any men. 

A Growing Family 

As stated earlier, Jada and Chris had their first baby, a son named Chris Jr., two years before their official marriage. However, the couple decided to grow their small family when they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Camryn, in 2014, three years after their wedding. 

Helping Others Together

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With her husband, the loving mother of two decided to co-found a philanthropic organization called the Chris Paul Family Foundation, which Chris started in 2005. According to reports, the foundation aims to provide the ample resources the community needs to enrich and strengthen its healthy development.

In partnership with The Winston-Salem Foundation, Jada and her team have endlessly strived to positively impact individuals and families by trying to level up everything that needs improvements in the community, in aspects like education, sports, and life. 

Such A Foodie

Aside from fashion and social work, it seems like Jada has also loved trying new food flavors. As seen on her Instagram account, it is quite apparent that she is indeed someone we can call a certified foodie.

Over the years, she has made us jealous with her mouthwatering food-related posts on Instagram. From seafood platters to Thanksgiving feast, you imagine it: Jada definitely has it.  

A Cool Momma

Jada has been the “cool” momma her kids could ever ask for. Despite her busy schedule, she ensures that she spends time with her kids and husband no matter what. As seen on her posts on Instagram, it is clear that she is a hands-on mama and wife, doing her best for her family.

In June 2022, together with her husband Chris, the couple threw a sneaker-themed 13th birthday party for their son Chris Jr. Based on a post they shared online, the young man undeniably enjoyed the party so much. 

A year later, Jada has also expressed how proud she is of his son when she showed off Chris’s dance moves on Instagram. Aside from that, Jada also showed off her daughter’s sports skills by posting a video from Camryn’s first baseball game. 

As a result, it is not surprising why Chris calls his wife “the rock” of their family. In an interview, he stated that Jada has been the foundation and strength of their family as she keeps everything in order, even in times of distress. 

Looks Up to Chris’s Parents

Just like most of us, it seems like Jada also has her idols that she also looks up to. In an interview, Jada stated that Chris’s parents have inspired her since the beginning, as they have the most awesome relationship she has ever witnessed. 

That is why Jada and Chris have been trying their best to have that kind of healthy marriage that lasts. 

With that said, if you want to know more about Chris Paul’s wife, Jada Crawley, you can follow her on Instagram @jada_ap

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