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“Impractical Jokers” Star Joe Gatto and Wife, Bessy Gatto’s Relationship

Joe Gatto and Bessy Gatto’s relationship has indeed bloomed through the years! Since his time on the hit American reality TV show “Impractical Jokers,” the comedian and his partner, Bessy, have never missed making their fans tingle in excitement, seeing them grow as a couple. 

So, if you are interested in knowing more about the couple, from how they met to where they are now as a couple, scroll down as we have everything covered for you. 

Who Is Joe Gatto and Bessy Gatto? 

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Born in 1976, Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr., known as Joe Gatto, is an American comedian and producer who has been part of big shows like “Impractical Jokers.” Although he is an accountancy graduate, Joe decided to pursue a career in comedy as he has been into improvisation since he was young. 

In 1998, Gatto and his friends decided to form their first-ever comedy troupe called “The Tenderloins.” As fate has it, the group immediately gained massive success after posting their sketches online, with each video receiving much attention from the netizens. 

Following their online success, the group signed a contract with Spike TV, where they developed scripted comedy scenes. Although it didn’t boom as much as they expected, the group nonetheless found yet another opportunity when truTV reached out for them to star in a new series called “Impractical Jokers.” 

Since the show’s first episode premiered, the three have continually received never-ending support from fans, causing the three to reach phenomenal success both as a group and individually. 

On the other hand, little is known of Bessy Gatto, Joe’s wife, as she tries to maintain a life away from the spotlight. It is also known to many that Bessy only gained popularity after her marriage to the comedian star. 

When Did They First Meet? 

Little is known of how the couple actually first met. However, according to some reports, the comedian and his wife began dating in 2009, as seen in some pics Bessy uploaded on her Instagram. 

They Move in Together!

Long before the hit comedy show “Impractical Jokers” was released, Bessy was already staying by Joe’s side since the beginning. According to some reports, in 2010, the couple began living together to finally spend more time together, considering they were both in a long-distance relationship.

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However, during that time, Joe was still living with fellow Impractical Jokers star James Murray in their Manhattan apartment. Despite that, Bessy stayed with the two and has even helped develop “Impractical Jokers” from scratch. 

Big Day Has Finally Arrived

Four years after dating, the couple finally decided to make things official when they tied the knot in 2013 in an intimate wedding with only some of their closest friends and family invited. 

During the big day, Bessy wore a stunning strapless wedding gown, accessorized with a shiny belt. On the other hand, Joe wore a plain Prussian color tuxedo, keeping everything simple yet beautiful. 

In the post she shared on Instagram, Bessy wrote that she is thankful for taking “a chance on love” since, if not, she might be with the wrong person right now. 

Growing Their Small Family

Two years after tying the knot, the couple finally welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Milana Francis. Two years after Milana’s birth, the couple again welcomed yet another child, a son named Remo. As of 2023, the couple and their two kids have been enjoying life, living peacefully in their family home in Long Islands. 

Bessy and Joe Once Split

In 2022, “Impractical Jokers” fans were shocked when the comedian announced that he would leave the show for good. However, that was not the only thing that saddened his fans, since during the same time, Joe also stated that he and Bessy had decided to go their separate ways after nine years of marriage. 

This sudden announcement made their fans wonder what might have gone wrong. In a post that Joe shared online, he explained that he had been having “issues” in his “personal life” that led his marriage with Bessy to crumble. 

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Although the couple tried to fix their relationship, it seems like Bessy has already decided that ending it would be the better option, all for the sake of their kids. Despite their sudden split up, the two have remained friendly with each other. 

Love Wins in The End

A year and a half later, after their break-up announcement, the couple shocked the world again after revealing that they had finally reconciled. 

In a post that Bessy shared on her Instagram, she stated that they are stronger for everything they’ve gone through. She also said she wouldn’t change their journey, even if it means they’ll face more challenges. 

She then stated that everything that happened to them has brought them closer to where they are now. As a result, no matter how many storms they come across as a couple, they will now face it with their head held high. 

They Are Pet Lovers

Aside from being fur parents, the couple has also made it a passion project to rescue and provide shelter to animals who don’t have one. Since they started their relationship, Bessy has influenced Joe to form an organization to help animals find a new home. 

The couple’s passion project mostly focuses on rescuing senior dogs looking for a good, warm home where they can spend the rest of their lives. 

With ample dedication and planning, the couple eventually founded an organization called Gatto Pups and Friends, which aims to do what Bessy has been envisioning for years. 

They Are Supportive of Each Other 

It seems like many of their fans realized that they were so supportive of each other during their split. According to some reports, Bessy didn’t stop supporting Joe even after their split. 

She was even still attending Joe’s comedy shows alongside their two children. She was first spotted attending the February 2022 show, then another performance in March. 

It is safe to say that the two are indeed a power couple. Despite their hardships as partners, they always found one another in each other’s arms. 

Based on how they treat and act to one another, their never-ending understanding and communication with each other has indeed contributed to the longevity of their relationship. 

So, for those who want to keep updated on Joe Gatto and Bessy Gatto’s relationship, you can follow them on their social media accounts @joe_gatto and @bessygatto

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