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Max Verstappen’s Love Life Track: Meet His Girlfriend Kelly Piquet

There’s no stopping Max Verstappen from sweeping his competitors off the racetrack and stealing women’s hearts. He undoubtedly stole the one he wanted the most: his now girlfriend, Kelly Piquet’s

Piquet is no stranger to the heart-stopping lifestyle as both her dad, Nelson, and brother, Nelson Jr., are both F1 racers. On top of that, Penelope, whom she welcomed in 2019, is her daughter with fellow F1 racer Daniil Kyvat. Now, she’s going years strong with Verstappen, who is currently in the top 10 all-time winners of the sport. 

If Piquet has piqued your curiosity, we’ve got the lowdown on her. 

Kelly Piquet as Kelly Piquet

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Kelly Piquet is Brazilian-Dutch while Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch. Piquet was born in 1988 in Germany to Dutch model Sylvia Tamsma and F1 racer Nelson Piquet. She lived in the South of France with her mom before she moved to her dad’s home country, Brazil. 

She attended high school in England but finished her last year in Brazil. After graduating, she studied at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, majoring in international relations. 

While living in the Big Apple, she started working her way into the fashion industry as a stylist assistant for Vogue Latin America and as a buyer for the luxury department store down on Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Goodman. 

After that, Piquet pursued modeling like her mom and made a successful career out of it. She has worked with several big brands, including Pepe Jeans, PatBo, and Louis Vuitton. 

In January 2023, she finally came full circle when she graced the cover of Vogue Netherlands. She did an F1-inspired photo shoot and spoke up about her life growing up on the fast-paced track. 

She said that the world had become so familiar to her, and she knew what those guys were going through. 

Her father, Nelson, was a three-time World Champion who became popular on the track back in the ’80s. His heart-racing speed landed him as one of the top F1 drivers of all time. 

However, he has since been reportedly banned from the paddock after seven-time F1 champ Lewis Hamilton called him out on Twitter for an interview he did in 2021 for using a racial slur against him. 

Her brother, Nelson Jr., is also an F1 racer. Although he hasn’t reached his father’s legendary heights, he has had an impressive run. 

Aside from immediate family, Piquet also dated an F1 driver before Verstappen, Daniil Kvyat. The two welcomed their daughter Penelope in July 2019. 

The day after she was born, Kvyat finished third at the German Grand Prix, claiming his first podium spot in three long years, and he dedicated his win to Piquet and their baby. Unfortunately, the two called it quits months after what seemed to be the best moment of their relationship. 

She has set up her home base in Monaco with her daughter and boyfriend. However, she would fly from time to time across the globe for work as well as leisure. 

Kelly Piquet as a Girlfriend

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Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen made their Instagram debut on New Year 2021. The F1 driver posted a photo of them together on the beach, greeting all of his fans. And he wrote a message encouraging everyone to make 2021 a year to remember. He also wished them success, love, and happiness just like he found his. 

Piquet also shared a photo of them with a simple caption about how love makes the world go round. She then signed off with a classic, “Happy New Year and much love.” 

Ever since getting together, the two have been nothing but supportive of each other.

Piquet, specifically, rarely missed her beau’s races. She was there for every milestone, watching him dust off everyone and earn himself Formula 1 titles back-to-back. In October 2022, she uploaded a photo of her kissing Verstappen as he held his trophy for his second F1 championship. 

In the caption, she wrote, “He did it again ✌🏻⭐️⭐️,” she wrote in the caption. “World Champion ’21 ’22.” Then, in September 2023, she was there as Verstappen made history with his 10th consecutive race win. 

Between those posts, she would show her excitement as she cheered her boyfriend on. She would also often post some behind-the-scenes of them on the sideline, which fans definitely appreciate. 

But being supportive didn’t mean her world revolved around him and the track. She explained that the reason why was simply because it was ultimately Max’s job. “Would you normally bring your girlfriend or partner to the office?” she said. 

Plus, she had her own career and would wake up every day with that drive to achieve something. Otherwise, she’ll lose her strength, energy, and light. 

Verstappen also made space on his Instagram to give tribute to his girlfriend, despite it being dedicated to everything racing-related. One of those rare moments was in May 2022 when he posted photos of Piquet, his mom, Sophie Kumpen, and his sister Victoria to greet them with Happy Mother’s Day. The model commented with a “Love you 💖.”

When they’re not busy on the track or a shoot, the two love to enjoy their time with Penelope and their two Bengal cats, Jimmy and Sassy. In October 2021, she posted a photo of the two adorably snuggled close. 

Kelly Piquet as a Mom

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Aside from being a model and a girlfriend, Piquet is also a mom. She definitely loves being one for Penelope, calling her her superstar and ray of sunshine. Verstappen also loves Penelope like she’s his own (and Penelope loves him so much as well). The two are often featured on Piquet’s Instagram. 

In November 2021, the trio visited Brazil for a nice trip. Piquet shared some snaps of their trip on her Instagram, including one of Verstappen and Penelope sitting beside each other. 

Then, in July 2022, she shared her daughter’s mermaid-themed birthday party with fans. In one of the photos, the mother-daughter duo posed in front of the elaborate cake along with Verstappen. 

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, is definitely a talented woman, girlfriend, and mom! We don’t know who we’re jealous of. Tough choice, tough choice indeed. 

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