Get to Know the People Larsa Pippen Dated! The Last One Will Shock You!

Get to Know the People Larsa Pippen Dated! The Last One Will Shock You!
Larsa Pippen's Dating History

Did you know Larsa Pippen dated high-profile celebrities and athletes before? In the 1990s, Pippen started dating Scottie Pippen, which led to the start of her longest and most significant relationship. Following their 1997 wedding, the couple welcomed four children: Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia.

The long-term pair reunited in 2017 despite announcing their split in 2015. In 2018, Larsa filed for divorce, alleging “irreconcilable differences,” and they permanently parted ways.

Apart from the former Chicago Bulls star, Larsa has also been connected to Eric Moreland and Future. But after parting ways with Scottie, her most talked-about romance emerged in late 2020 when she was connected to Malik Beasley.

Now, let’s learn more about Larsa Pippen’s dating history.

Scottie Pippen

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The former athlete and Larsa were wed from 1997 till their separation was declared in 2015. Before getting back together in 2017, Scottie had filed for divorce in 2016. However, they permanently parted ways in 2018.

Scottie Pippen had been separated from his first wife, Karen McCollum, for five years when he first made his acquaintance with Larsa. After 12 years of marriage, the six-time NBA champion filed for divorce from his first wife.

Scottie and Larsa tried to keep their early association hidden, and they succeeded in doing so. According to former NBA player John Salley, Scottie was all over her when they first met.

Following rumors that his wife was having an affair with hip-hop artist Future, Scottie filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage. However, the pair decided to end their divorce procedures and focus on strengthening their marriage a few months later.

But after two years, Larsa announced they were divorcing, citing irreconcilable differences. Though they have stayed friendly, the divorce was officially formalized on December 15, 2021.

After their divorce, Scottie and Larsa remained supportive of one another. Still, they haven’t stopped complimenting one another.


In an interview with “Hollywood Raw,” the ex-wife of NBA icon Scottie Pippen discussed her breakup with him in 2015. She had just moved to Miami when she met Future, and the two quickly became friends.

Larsa Pippen was captivated by the “Life Is Good” rapper the moment they met at a dinner party. When asked if sparks appeared immediately, she replied, “It kinda was like that.”

Rumors came popping out after the two were announced to be together. Sources say that Larsa cheated on Scottie with Future. Many believe these rumors, and Larsa’s name became tainted with all the stories about her cheating on Scottie. Though this was never proven, another big revelation hit the internet and took it by storm. 

Numerous retaliation and infidelity controversies involving some of the NBA’s biggest stars have been documented. It was rumored that Chicago Bulls icon Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa, had slept with rapper Future. 

Larsa Pippen, too, was drawn to the hip-hop rapper’s allure, especially since the latter had a history of having affairs with numerous women around the United States.

The Secret Reason Why Future Slept with Larsa?

Rapper NORE mentioned a story that Future had told him about Scottie Pippen not wanting to sign his autograph, so he decided to have a sexual relationship with his wife during a recent episode of Drink Champs.

Around the time that rumors about Larsa and Future started to surface, Scottie Pippen was said to be quite disgusted. It’s pretty understandable knowing that there is a possibility that the other speculations about Larsa cheating, plus the new one about Future sleeping with Larsa, just because of a missed autograph.

Tristan Thompson

Larsa’s romance with Tristan Thompson is not one of her most popular relationships, but being entangled with the Kardashians made it to the headlines. In a recent interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Larsa Pippen revealed that she dated the NBA player just before he started dating the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

However, Larsa Pippen made it clear that she was not chasing Tristan. She stated that she was never the type to chase someone not for her. 

She also added that she doesn’t like putting leashes on her man, so what slips away is already gone for her. Larsa also cleared the rumors that she hooked up with Tristan Thompson after he got together with Khloe. 

Eric Moreland

After Larsa flirted with Eric Moreland on Instagram in 2019, romance speculations about the Toronto Raptors forward and Larsa surfaced. The former ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star liked every one of his images and commented with adorable emojis. After he began returning the favor, he was seen out and about celebrating Larsa’s 45th birthday.

Malik Beasley

Drama seems to never end because Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen got into trouble when they began hanging out even though Beasley was still married. The NBA superstar and the former Real Housewives of Miami star were seen in photos taken in Miami. However, things became more problematic after the photographs resurfaced.

Although Larsa Pippen was not dating anyone then, the Minnesota Timberwolves star was wed to Montana Yao. Montana Yao responded to the startling image on social media shortly after the pictures of Larsa clinging to Beasley went viral. 

On her Instagram Story that same day, she said, “Wow… I don’t even know this man.”

The next day, Larsa shared a remark on her Instagram Story that addressed the commotion surrounding her encounter with Malik Beasley, saying, “You should not always believe what you read on social media.”

Marcus Jordan

The Trophy Room creator and the Real Housewives of Miami star first met at a party in Los Angeles in 2019 through common acquaintances, and they quickly built “a great foundation as friends.” 

They initially stirred romance rumors after being sighted out to lunch together in September 2022. However, their relationship really started to take off in the fall of 2022.

The 16-year age gap between the couple and their complex family history. Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen’s ex-husband, was Michael Jordan’s (Marcus’ father) teammate in the Bulls during the 1990s. This awkward connection has drawn attention to their romance. Although there was originally some “shock,” Marcus Jordan’s family considers Larsa Pippen to be “great.”

The couple sparked engagement speculations in August 2023 when Larsa Pippen was seen with a huge diamond ring. Marcus Jordan even mentioned that a wedding is planned. The two afterward clarified that they were not working on any wedding at the moment.

Was it Gold Digging?

After the news of their relationship went out, people started calling Larsa a gold digger. During a podcast episode, the couple addressed and debunked various misunderstandings regarding their media-grabbing romance, including the idea that Marcus Jordan’s family wealth solely drives Larsa.

Larsa expressed how bothersome she finds the ongoing speculations about money and how frustrated she is by them. While promoting their recently launched iHeart podcast, “Separation Anxiety,” Larsa and Marcus strongly refuted that Larsa is a deceptive person pursuing Jordan’s wealth.

Larsa, who also designs jewelry and has a brand named Larsa Marie, made it apparent that she had her own money to demonstrate her financial independence further. Marcus agreed with her statement and expressed her feelings exactly.

Larsa Pippen is obviously not worried about her future for her to cling to wealthy men just for money. She has her own money flowing in and does not need to use anybody to have anything she wants. Though the rumors persist, the couple is firm in their statement. 

What Did Michael Jordan Have to Say?

Another thing that Larsa and Marcus faced was the connection between Larsa’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, and Marcus’ dad, Micheal Jordan. Sources claim that Marcus’ father, the famous former NBA star Michael Jordan, does not seem to approve of his son’s relationship. 

There are many reasons why MJ doesn’t approve, and one of them is because of Scottie Pippen, who was once Michael’s teammate when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

The 60-year-old father laughed and shook his head when TMZ inquired about his opinion on Marcus’s recent relationship. Michael said, “No.” Perhaps he was making jokes to the reporter, but his response had stirred a lot of speculation on the internet. 

It might have been many years since Larsa and Scottie Pippen divorced, but many still think that dating the son of her ex-husband’s former teammate is still a bad move. Larsa Pippen also admitted that her relationship with Marcus made things a little awkward between Michael and Scottie.

In a recent podcast interview, Larsa Pippen stated that she did not believe Michael Jordan would be present to witness his son’s marriage to her. Larsa also commented on Michael Jordan’s cold response about her dating Marcus.

She said she felt embarrassed and traumatized by how Michael Jordan addressed her relationship with Marcus. Larsa clarified that she was uncomfortable because she feared people misinterpreting her remarks from earlier this year, in which she claimed that both families supported the relationship.

During one of their podcasts, Marcus spoke with Larsa for the most part. He said his father’s remark was only a joke that probably happened because he had too much Cincoro tequila.

Marcus had also stated that they would not interfere with whatever was happening between Scottie and Michael. He said they will let those two NBA stars deal with whatever they have on hand.

Larsa Pippen had dated many men, ranging from famous to mediocre. However, no one can deny how it became a large part of the entertainment industry and how many people enjoy following her rollercoaster dating history. Though we don’t know where her recent relationship is heading, people will surely continue to follow her and the people she is dating in the future.

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