Surprise! Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel Helds Wedding at His Estate

Surprise! Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel Helds Wedding at His Estate
Billy Joel Marries Alexis Roderick in Surprise Wedding at His Estate

No one expected to witness Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel’s wedding during their annual 4th of July celebration. According to the singer’s spokesperson, Claire Mercuri, the couple wed in a ceremony during their yearly Fourth of July celebration at Joel’s Long Island mansion. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo officiated the wedding. 

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The couple’s intention to exchange vows was unknown to the couple’s tiny circle of family and friends at the celebration. The couple has been dating for five years and has a daughter named Della Rose. They also welcomed their second daughter, Remmy Anne, two years after they had their firstborn.

The wedding occurred shortly after disclosing that they would have their first child together. In contrast to several well-known pairs, they showed less enthusiasm for revealing the special day to the media. In fact, the newlyweds merely provided the press with a single photo—far from any exclusive magazine arrangements.

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As mentioned, Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick’s wedding was intentionally made intimate. The couple wanted their special day to be spent only with their closest friends and family, away from the media and other reporters.

As many people know, this is not Joel’s first marriage. The iconic singer-songwriter married Elizabeth Weber Small, who would become his manager, for the first time in 1973. They parted ways nine years later. 

Joel was married for the same length to supermodel Christie Brinkley in his second marriage and his third to renowned chef Katie Lee. The iconic singer also had a daughter named Alexa Ray from his second marriage.

Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel’s wedding shocked not only their family and friends but also the people on the internet. Though some might have already seen it coming, it is rare for a Hollywood couple not to announce their special day to the public. 

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Sources claim their closest family member did not know what would happen that day. All they knew was that they would celebrate July 4th with everyone, not a wedding. Ultimately, it worked out well, and they were very happy for Billy Joel and his spouse.

Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel’s wedding is different from your typical one. The intimate ceremony was the beginning of their journey as husband and wife, and up until now, the two are still celebrating that union. 

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