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“Married at First Sight” Alyssa Apologizes to Ex-Husband Chris, But Why?

Season 14 was quite the season for the former “Married at First Sight” couple, Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette. 

“Married at First Sight” is a show that focuses on couples who get married without knowing each other beforehand. This type of show dynamic gives viewers a sense of thrill as they can grow together with the couple throughout the show.

However, this was not the case for Alyssa and Chris since Alyssa suddenly decided to get a divorce only twelve days after saying their vows at the altar. 

It certainly made fans wonder what might have gone wrong. If you want to know more about it, scroll down; we have everything covered.

How Did It All Start? 

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During season 14 of the show, fans expected Alyssa and Chris to live happily ever after. However, viewers immediately notice that Alyssa is starting to get detached from Chris and has avoided building a bond with him. Days later, it seems like fans’ speculations turned out to be true.

A Sudden Divorce

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It was reported that shortly after the honeymoon, 12 days after their wedding, Alyssa filed for divorce, causing Chris to feel lost and a bit off due to how sudden she made the decision. 

In an interview, Alyssa explained that she wanted to find her person more than anything, so when she felt it didn’t work out for her and Chris, she panicked and didn’t know how to handle it. As a result, she decided to finally call it quits as things started to get blurry between the two. 

On the other hand, throughout season 14, Chris felt that Alyssa wasn’t putting in the effort. He suspected that the lack of physical attraction was the problem. However, it seems like Alyssa has deeper reasons for why she ended up with such a decision.

According to reports, Alyssa revealed that when she and Chris started to get to know each other after their honeymoon, she realized they were incompatible. For instance, they don’t agree on most things, making communication quite problematic. 

Alyssa Regretted Her Decision

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During the 2022 “Married at First Sight” reunion, fans were shocked when Alyssa suddenly shared her regrets for splitting up with Chris quickly. To extend her sentiments, she apologized to Chris directly, saying she regretted her behavior so much. 

Although she regretted the sudden decision not to give their relationship a chance, Alyssa is still grateful for the experience she has gone through in “Married at First Sight,” which even includes her brief romance with Chris. So, if you want to keep updated on the ex-couple’s life apart, you can follow them on Instagram @chris_collette and @alyssa_rescues. 

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