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“Married At First Sight” Season 15 Couples Unpack Decision Day

Fans of the popular reality TV show Married At First Sight welcomed Season 15 cast members in July 2022. After the season finale, the five San Diego-based couples recapped their whole experience with PEOPLE – from the start down to their thought process on Decision Day and what they’ve learned after watching their last episodes. 

Now, here’s what each couple had to say.

Krysten Collins & Mitch Silverstein

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Krysten was 99% sure she’d say “no” to Mitch on the morning of Decision Day despite the immense progress in their relationship. 

According to the sales rep, she felt that romantically speaking, there was still a lot missing. She was putting in more work to the point of carrying the emotions of what should be a partnership, and she was just tired. They were married, but there was nothing there but mutual respect and friendship. 

That said, if Mitch were to surprise her with a romantic grand gesture and reassurance that he wanted to be her husband as much as she did to be his wife, then he’d win her over and take that one percent. If he didn’t, she knew her worth, and she wouldn’t settle with someone who wasn’t sure about her. 

She was right. He wasn’t sure about her.

Two months into their marriage, the surfing environmental consultant still wasn’t a hundred percent in with Krysten, which explained why she didn’t feel they were going anywhere. He said that he was disappointed that their marriage didn’t work out. Because on paper, they definitely matched. 

When Decision Day finally came, he was nervous because he had always struggled to express his feelings compassionately. He was still processing the guilt and the sadness over how things turned out for them. He wanted to get things right and ensure he wouldn’t say anything unintentionally hurtful. 

Nevertheless, he was content with his decision. He knew his MAFS experience would help him grow and become a better person. Krysten was, too, and they parted ways without any bad blood. 

Lindy Elloway & Miguel Santiago-Medina

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Lindy and Miguel did have their happy ending on the show. To them, it wasn’t “Decision Day”; rather, it was “Vow Renewal Day” because they both knew they were saying yes to each other. 

Miguel, an associate medical director, said that the reason behind his “yes” was simple. He loved her, and he felt that their marriage was something worth pursuing. 

He had grown a lot in their short time together and was excited to grow more with Lindy. He also shared how deeply humbling it was to marry a stranger on national TV, and he had also learned invaluable lessons on love, patience, and compassion. 

Lindy, a physical therapy doctor, was just as excited as Miguel on Decision Day. She chose to say “yes” because she wanted to honor the vows she made with him. She was at ease and confident in her choice. 

Sadly, the two have called it quits. PEOPLE exclusively confirmed the news last February 2023. In a statement, Lindy said that she was heartbroken, but it was impossible to stay married if both people were not committed to the success of the marriage. 

However, she clarified that they didn’t regret getting married on the show, and they were happy that they got to experience a genuine connection. 

Stacia Karcher & Nate Barnes

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Despite the doubts in their marriage, Stacia, who works in accounting, and Nate, a day trader, decided they wanted to try the relationship beyond the cameras.

According to Stacia, she hadn’t had a wink of sleep before Decision Day. When they married and started the process, she was confident they’d say yes to each other at the finale. However, a week before they had to decide, she started to feel that they weren’t on the same page. 

That impacted her and got her thinking about whether she’d say “yes” to him. Ultimately, she wanted to give their marriage a chance outside the cameras and the experiment. She wanted to go all in and fight for them. 

The same thing ran through Nate’s mind. Admittedly, he was nervous and emotionally exhausted when Decision Day came. For the last eight weeks, he realized they were good on paper, but it wasn’t the same when they married. 

The relationship felt out of balance, with Nate focusing more on reassuring Stacia and ensuring her needs were met. However, he also said it was an eye-opening experience that made him see his flaws and blindspots. 

Ultimately, though, he knew he had a great match, and the pros definitely outweighed the cons. 

Unfortunately, their doubts and hesitations regarding their relationship quickly caught up to them. They divorced six weeks after saying “I Do” in the finale. She explained that Nate was just all words and no action. And while she still wanted to be friends, she harbored no hope for reconciliation.

Alexis Mitchell & Justin Hall

Alexis, a logistics specialist, was confused on the morning of Decision Day, and she had a heavy feeling, questioning herself if she was making the right decision. She had been uncomfortable before; in hindsight, it was a sign of wanting growth. So, she interpreted it the same way, and she gave her “yes” to Justin. 

Justin, on the other hand, was in zen mode. According to the marketing specialist, he knew he had given not just a hundred but 120 percent to his marriage with Alexis. To him, it was a clear and sound decision to go for it. He had already sacrificed a lot, too, and with the cameras leaving, they would have the time and the space to build a better relationship. 

That didn’t happen, though. Shortly after they made their decision, they got into a blowout fight. It was mainly Justin saying that Alexis was not as committed as he was in their relationship. 

It seemed like after saying “yes,” they started in different chapters of their lives instead of being together in one. Justin wanted a loving wife who was ready to be one, while Alexis wanted a man who would take charge. 

As per Distractify, Alexis confessed that she was never truly in love with Justin. Then it was over. 

Morgan Bell & Binh Trinh

Morgan, a nurse, and Binh, an engineer, didn’t reach Decision Day because they made theirs just weeks into the marriage: they weren’t for each other. 

During the reunion episode, Morgan said that she was upset with Binh after he discussed their marital issues with costar Justin. She felt that he betrayed her trust and their privacy as a couple. 

Her confidence in their marriage dropped to zero, and she asked for a divorce. It was a dramatic moment on the show. Morgan faced major backlash and was even called a “villain” for her attitude toward Binh.

Even though they didn’t have the best time on the show and broke up too soon, they remained on good terms with each other. In fact, they were still in communication, and Morgan even welcomed Binh to her Muay Thai center and had a catch-up session. 

That’s it for Season 15 of Married At First Sight!

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